Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Paintings & Drawings of Syracuse Artist Nate West

Here's another Syracuse based artist whom I first encountered via the VersuS group show back in May -- painter Nate West, a native of Manlius NY who had the good fortune to take painting with my hero Richard Williams at OCC. Nate has shown his work at Tech Garden & the Delevan Center / Szozda Gallery, which is more than I can say for myself right now.

I immediately sensed a shared influence of Archille Gorky in Nate's forms and his use of both line + color has rubbed off onto me since first encountering his canvases back at VersuS. Here's a very small sampling of his constant output of work, and I'm very much looking forward to showing my own paintings with Nate in the Utica "Art In Windows" project & wherever else we can find some wall space.

"As a child I spent my free time trying to copy comics this led to a obsession to communicate visually every thing that happens in my life seamed to be able to force out this way and it gradually led to my own style."

"I have always loved the way that my work has allowed me to access my mind to express themselves. I feel like color is always chosen as an emotional need based on where my mind is at the time. As the work progresses I alter the color based on this same emotional connection with my memory and it slowly evolves as the painting comes together."

"I look and try to translate my world in my paintings I have great moments of horrible sadness that lead to bursts of intense work. I am able to control my mental state this way most of the time. As I work my mind flashes memory's that cycle visually through my mind sometimes this becomes so intense that it paralyses me if I can't keep up with the work."


Now WHO could that possibly be??? Look for Nate on Facebook, very unique & talented painter who's work updates are always surprising, to say the least! ;D

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