Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stay Fresh! - Tommy Lincoln at Funk N' Waffles, Syracuse NY August 30 2012

Took my first trip down to Funk N' Waffles this evening to see a show by Syracuse artist Tommy Lincoln, one of the happening young artists I've come in contact this summer. Tommy's work first caught by eye at the Funky Flea fair at the Everson Plaza back in June, then caught my attention when I circled back to his tent twenty minutes later & the painting which had caught my eye had sold. 

Made contact, we kept in touch via Flake Book and was delighted to see that the favorable impression I'd gotten of his work holds up in a gallery setting -- Very catchy cross between fine arts & the street scene "tagging" look I've grown fond of since falling in with the Utica Skate Park crew with a definite fine arts edge + a footing in graphic design with an emphasis on strong line and saturated color. No surprise as Tommy was once a design instructor at Syracuse's S.I. Newhouse School of Communication, and this was the perfect venue to show his goods in. The reception also provided painter Nate West and I a chance to finally meet up and the very sight of his sketchbook made me break out into a cold sweat. THEN I got to meet the venue owner and we'll be talking more about Funk N' Waffles soon I am sure.

So let's take a look, and be sure to visit Tommy's website at

The former Hungry Charley's / Sutter's Mill alleyway.

With artists Mark Povanelli at left and Nate West on the right, good meeting up at last!

Left to right, Syracuse area artists Steve Nyland, Nate West, and Tommy Lincoln.

Funk N' Waffles owner/operator Adam Gold showing Nate and I his front hall which he envisions as an art viewing space. Note my business card in his hand ...

Marshall Square Mall

During the 90s I worked the record store which had been in this space ...

Marshall Street by night and Nyland is sober. The world has changed.

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