Monday, November 26, 2012

Broad Street Gallery, Hamilton NY, First Year Anniversary Display, November 25 2012

Come join us Friday November 30th from 5pm to 8pm and help celebrate our first year anniversary in Hamilton NY.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Evening of Art & Music In Hamilton NY, Broad Street Gallery & Hamilton Center for the Arts, November 16 2012



Recent Paintings by Steve Nyland at The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY, November - December 2012

The Galleries at The Tech Garden curator Ty Marshal invited me to bring down a Jeep load of paintings for an pair of events the week before last. Been wiped out with a genuinely evil cold/cough but painting nonstop and decided this was the time to unleash the zombie horde.

Here's Ty putting the finishing touches on the display, easily hung from the clever metal tabbed rack system he uses as a supporting structure. The whole exhibit was up & good to go in about an hour. After which he hurried off to follow his own artistic urgency to paint a mural on the near west side. I'm hoping to get to see it this evening. But here's a four minute video walkthrough of my installation in the gallery segment I was assigned.

Also included in the show are paintings by Kathryn Petrillo, Maria Rizzo, and my homeboy Nate West, who's in for a huge surprise once he sees painter Tim Rand's exhibition at Hamilton Center for the Arts this winter. I'll make sure he does, until then let's roll em. And look for an artist's reception for this exhibition at The Tech Garden on Thursday December 13 from 4pm-7pm, open to the public.

Always remember.