Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 Thrills N Chills in Syracuse NY

I spent Halloween off the art freak beat while getting over a nice dose of bronchitus I found out in Hamilton the week before ... I'd been living fast since May really and the extra effort for the Spooktacular wiped me out. Zero resistance and somebody gave a good cough over by the cupcake plate before I stuffed two of them in my face for a sugar rush on the drive home. D'oh, woke up the Tuesday after and knew I was history, muscled through the week but it finally got a piece of me the following weekend when I really should have been at home. Cough medicine and painting have been the orders of the day but Halloween was kind of nifty, with the freak weather event of the day or two before adding extra drama.

But seriously, Halloween really is the only holiday worth bothering with these days and I'm encouraged to see the locals making that yearly effort to make it interesting.

First some fun at Key Bank, who got held up over the summer & aren't taking any chances. 
Or whatever.

Funkenschtorm turned out to be a bust for Syracuse but Tops Markets on Nottingham Rd. made out pretty good! I worked there for many years while it was part of the Peter's Grocery empire and will always feel a sense of attachment to the place no matter who's banner is on the bags. Here's a look at their parking lot on at about 6pm the evening of the 29th with what former manager Jimmy & I both concluded was their fullest lot since they opened. Wish I'd thought to do it an hour earlier before things had calmed down.

Tops' water aisle on Sunday evening when I blundered in before realizing Syracusans were actually alarmed about being wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. We were not, I am pleased to report, but leave it to the Syracuse area news agencies to make a pending crisis in the makings, panic the locals, and cause a scramble on Tops' store brand bottled tap water. I really wish they'd stick to subjects they've mastered like unmanned aerial drones & bath salts zombies.

My idea for survival rations during this hullaballoo. Trust me I got MREs and a 5 gallon stash of purified rain water to mix with the grain alcohol when the shit hits the fan. This was a joke from day one however & was treated accordingly. It's Syracuse. The ocean is 450 miles away. Stop sending people out to buy canned goods + bottled water every time some real weather blows through.


Halloween afternoon with the annual parade by the elementary school around the corner! which I regard as passable compensation for the parents & school busses jamming up the block every afternoon. You can't get anywhere at 3pm, but this is always cool and that robot at the end put me in GET THE CAMERA! mode.



Great costume! keep em coming and please work on a different way to get the kids home  ;]

I was pumpkined out after the Spooktacular but tossed up a display of my zombie paintings to further convince the parents to do something about the traffic.

The face sort of in the middle is newish, I called it Zombie Who Could Use A Kleenex, was me on day six of this bronchitus and is priced at $75. The others are named in a previous blog entry and all are for sale via the Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton, NY, with the other pieces shown priced at $45 each. Feel welcome to contact the BSG FB page admin for more info on how to score one for your own zombie art collection.

Former upstairs neighbors Gen, Rob and the smashing Delilah stopped by for their annual grab bag! I darn near almost bagged Halloweening altogether until remembering Gen & Rob! So three cheers, glad I was ready to do my part ;]

Neighbor down the block George went all out again with his annual Halloween display. I've watched these get more elaborate every year & simply had to stop and get some pix. A fellow Monster Movie Matinee freak as a kid! we need to have a beer sometime and talk production design.

George on his roost in scarecrow costume and I'm not telling which one.

Finally got a clue and ditched the flash! YES!!!


Like, dude ... ever seen Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things???

Good neighbors, I'll be by sometime to say howdy.

Went over to the ever cheerful Captain Glom's crib for a beer or two after with some Italian horror, and here is his Jess designed Jack O Lantern, something else I look forward to every year. He's good at em but they were too busy with an active social calendar to grace us with such skillz in Hamilton.

With flash.

Worth the drive over! Keep em coming.

... There's people in there somewhere. Hey my friends are weird too, what can I say.

This year's Halloween movie discovery! Haven't tracked it down yet but man alive. I gotta see that.

And remember ...

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