Sunday, February 4, 2018

Snow Show 2018 with Adapt Syracuse's Public Arts Task Force, The Tech Garden Syracuse NY, February 1st 2018

This Was FUN.

The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St. 
Syracuse NY 13202

PATF's superb show poster by artist Randy Hadzor, who runs Variety Studios in Syracuse.
Limited edition prints are available for sale! Will scare up an email address.

This was the first winter show opening since my watch began when we did not have a blizzard. It began overnight and I was delighted not to hear one horror story about artists ending up in ditches.

Ceramist Mary B. Stanley was one of several volunteers who took time to come in early and help with reception setup. Thank you!!! to everyone especially Melissa, whom I failed to get a picture with.

PATF's front table, manned all night and that signup pad was full when they left.

Operations Director Lynn Hughes manning the helm while things warm up.

And ... Let the BEDLAM begin! I am fairly confident this was the biggest show since I started in as the Gallery's Artist in Residence in January 2015. I did not do a head piece count on works but there were 72 artists involved, they all showed up with followers in attendance and we rocked it.

Many thanks to PATF acting Chair Ryan Wood for his hard work + vision for the show and my Gallery Intern Arianna Lynch Coursen for saving my bacon once again while I was off showing my own art in Washington DC. My most gratifying thought during the mayhem was that I had made the right decision when choosing to turn the gallery over to PATF back in May of 2017. Here's some of what went down.

Artist Dan Shanahan at center, and I believe this was his 3rd appearance in Tech Garden exhibits.


... Now who is that?? My my ...



Mom taking a liking to Mary Stanley's ceramic forms. Upon realizing how potent of a creative force Mary is I'd invited her to transform our middle Yellow Node into a sculpture garden for thoughtful solace. Will show more of it in a separate post displaying artworks from the show, and I am delighted that Mary will also take part in our Spring Invitational where she will do it all over again with different forms. Stay tuned.

Left to right, artists Peter Allen, Penny Santy, Sherry Spann Allen, and our mystery gal ... Whom it turns out I was acquainted with. She just looked totally different & I'm awful with names. 

Until we get that self-shot.


Artist Tino Lopez beaming at center and mom congratulating the young artist for closing his first sale. Will work in names as they become known!

The guy at center ... Known only to me as The Cuban Guy, whom I'd heard about for years. Artist from Cuba who relocated to Syracuse and was the badass urban painter to end all, which is indeed the case. Showed up with no less than three women in tow. I am impressed.

Artist and Creek Float director Melissa Zawacki having a quick chat with mom and dad. I believe she purchased a painting as well and has like four of mine. I like Missy  ;]


Gallery Intern Arianna Lynch, helping keep a semblance of order.

Our music for the evening was provided by Syracuse musician Steve Scuteri who was *excellent* and managed to get through two hours of acoustic music without the need for "American Pie", which I have heard stretched out to as long as fifteen very awkward minutes. He is my Hero, consider this an endorsement of his talents for your event too.

Heheh, hiya. Another purple hair alert!
Should have introduced myself ... Come back on April 26!!

Oh yeah ... "Why Hello, I'm Steve, the Curator ... I used to dye my hair purple too ... "

Err, and propz to the PATF Intern, was there all night and also helped with setup. Count me in for a recommendation on need -- Cheers!

And yes: Come back again on Thursday April 26 for the next one. I promise to say Hello.

Heh, someone's had fun tonight; Artist/photographer Misse Thomas & part of her Crew.

What's there to say? The event ruled, the exhibit planning and setup was handled correctly from day one, PATF did a fantastic job with logistics, the exhibiting artists took pride in helping make the show something special, there was just enough food & drink, artworks sold! and opportunities for further show placement presented themselves to those who were on the bounce. That is a successful opening and it is my pleasure to have helped instigate the results.

Traditional picture with Ralph & Flora, who have made every one of these openings except for two. I think that's ten, two of which featured mom's work. I'd show my dad's wood carvings if he'd let me, but he won't ... Mehh.

Splitting a Mickey's Big Mouth with the Gallery Intern in celebration. 
Working with Steve is a good gig.

With artist and acting PATF chair Ryan Wood, who has been showing art with me since July of 2015 and has yet to get fed up with my grouchy side. I will work with him on anything which presents itself when the cards are right.

With artist Sherry Spann Allen! Teach, has been showing with me since the BC Restaurant era of 2013/2014.

With art making machine Tino Lopez! He will be part of the Spring Invitational and that will be yet another mob scene.

With artist Penny Santy! and a decent approximation of what I might look like bald. Though I got my dad's hair genes and it is just going to keep growing & growing. Feel like melted butter between your fingers, it will.

Ooo ... failing on a name, will get to the bottom of this quickly. She was awesome, made an extra effort, help ...

With ecological engineer Mike Tollner who is a staunch supporter of the arts in Central New York and knows how to grill a steak. 

Oh dear drawing a blank ... With one of the painters in the show, and who took part in a tribute project for the Landmark Theater I was included in last May ... scrambling for a name .... gahh.

The Guy From Cuba! Doing quite well, as you can see. Looking forward to showing more of his art.

With Syracuse impresario Michael J. Haggerty! who invited me to be in his VS. exhibit in May of 2012 which popped me out of the genie bottle. We are both still at it & both look great for the mileage.

Heck yeah! With artist Misse Thomas who was on the bounce for an excellent self-shot!

With artist Caroline A. Locatelli! who has gone out of her way to help coordinate refreshment donations from Trader Joe's of Syracuse since 2016.

With PATF co-Chair Sofía Márquez Paniagua! who helped curate our summer "Directions" show and now works as a Collections Assistant at Cornell University. Where Carl Sagan taught. That is cool.

With artist, art teacher and theater coordinator Jamie Ashlaw! who will be showing works at our Spring Invitational opening on Thursday April 26th.

Ahhh yes! I made a point to say Hello to our mystery gal & found an instant comerade in artist/curator Sara Felice, who serves as the director of the Point of Contact gallery just up the block ... Which I awkwardly confessed I'd never set foot in before :D and was invited to remedy next week with a personal tour + power lunch to exchange ideas on how to bring more art to Syracuse. 

Get people not just used to seeing it but recognize the emptiness of a society which does to prize its visual arts the way it may for other cultural forms, and demand from their civil infrastructures that they be allowed to see more. We're good at stuff like that. Employ us to do it!

Travel conditions departing Syracuse the next day, when it snowed enough for two Snow Shows.

Downtown Utica NY after an hour on the Thruway, which normally would have been about 35 minutes. Fortunately I am currently obsessed with Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" and there's hundreds of hour of live recordings to mentally examine between EZ Pass waypoints.

Quick stop off at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Utica to check out their kickoff "First Friday" event on the main floor. Music, food, adult beverages, a sip/paint corner, and no admission fee. See you in March.

Some of the artworks on display.

With artist and MWPAI/Pratt instructor Audrey H. Taylor! who is the unstoppable force behind the annual Big Ol' Steamroller printmaking events in the MPWI parking lot every summer. Already know what I'm carving for this year, wouldn't miss it for the world. 

And one last stop at The Other Side Gallery in the Uptown section of greater Utica, curated by my compadre Reiner Wehrner, who also does curatorial work at Point of Contact in Syracuse. Small world, though sadly I did not arrive until the last stragglers were being kicked out and missed getting a self shot with artist Beth Post  ;<  Will remedy that situation quickly.

Now that's not bad at all ...

HUH ... Nothing shy of excellent. I want this out "It's End of the World!" show in July. 
Will find out more & update.

Not bad at all, Central New York. 

Will get some pix of the artworks next week while back in the Garden.
Stick around.