Sunday, December 30, 2012

Steve Nyland Exhibition Record Winter 2012-2013

Golden Foundation Artist Residency Compound, New Berlin NY 
December 2012

2012 was a pretty good year over here and I hope it rocked for you as well. If anyone had even suggested a year ago that I would have been doing things like the work which led to the pix above I would have told them to get real. Somehow it all happened anyway, could not have planned any of it.

Spending a few days putting 2012 to bed and first order of business was updating the exhibition record to include everything since October. Here it is as a "Notes" post at my Art By Nyland FB page, with pictures of some of the events in question:

And a copy/paste of the text, will think about what pix to include but frankly I'm good with Google just being able to keyword the data. Start your blog now.

May 1996 - Video Installation Group Show, Campus Art Gallery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY. 

May 1997 - MFA Exhibition, Art Museum, SUNY Albany campus. 

June 1997 - Solo Exhibition, Palais Royale Bar & Grill, Jefferson St. Albany NY. August 1997 - Studio Semester Group Show, Varrick St. NYC NY. 

December 1998 - P.S. 122 Benefit Group Show, St. Mark's Place NYC NY. 

May 1998 - Studio Semester Group Show, W.28th St. Studios NYC NY (also curator). 

August 1998 - Intimate Strangers Group Show, Galapagos Art & Performance Space, N.6th St. Brooklyn NY 

October/November 1998 - End of the Millennia Group Show, Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 

March 2009 - Zum Beispiel Group Show, Big Genius Gallery, Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn NY. 

September 1999 - Group Show, Galapagos Art & Performance Space, N.6th St. Brooklyn NY. 

September 2001 - NYFD Benefit Exhibition & Auction, Houston St. NYC NY 

December 2001 - Fictive NET Porn Group Multimedia Show, The Point, 71 Allen St. NYC NY 

December 2001 - Media Merge Group Show, CBGB 313 Gallery, Bowery at Bleeker, NYC NY 

March 2002 - Media Merge Group Show at the Free Biennial, Hunter College, NYC NY 

July 2009 - Some Of Them Are Old, Some Of Them Are New: Steve Nyland, Sparky Town Gallery, 324 Burnet Ave. Syracuse NY 

June 2011 - June 2012 - CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown Mall Dewitt NY.

December 2011 - CNY Artists Gallery Group Wreath, Everson Museum Festival of Trees, Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt NY 

May 12 2012 - VersuS Debut Bout Group Show, South Side Innovation Center, 2610 South Salina St., Syracuse NY 

May 25, 2012 - Salvage 4 Change Group Show & Benefit Auction, Utica Skate Plaza + S&R Custom Motorcycles, Utica NY 

June 2012 - Steve Nyland, Paintings & Drawings 1992 - 2012, CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt NY 

July 7-8 2012 - Cazenovia Arts & Crafts Fair, Cazenovia NY. 

July 31 2012 - "On The Grind" Film Screening & Art Exhibition, Utica Skate Plaza + S&R Custom Motorcycles, Utica NY 

September 1 2012 - Broad Street Gallery / Hamilton Center for the Arts, 20 Broad Street Hamilton NY (ongoing representation). 

September 14 2012 - Utica Music & Arts Fest, Broad Street Gallery Artists Group Pop-Up Salon Show, Radisson Center, Utica NY 

September 15 2012 - Utica Greens Fest, Jam For Change Live Murals Performance, Varrick St. Utica NY 

September 20 - October 18 2012 - Phonography: Cell Phone Photography Group Exhibition, The Galleries at The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY 

October - December 2012 - Mural Project, Collaboration With Nathaniel West, Funk N Waffles, 727 South Crouse Ave Syracuse NY 

October - December 2012 - Downtown Utica Development Association, Art In Windows Project, APAC, 131 Bleecker St. Utica NY 

October 20 2012 - Broad Street Gallery Artists Group Halloween Artorama Spooktacular, Broad Street Gallery, Hamilton NY (also event committee chair)

November 2012 - January 2013 - "Five" Group Exhibition at The Gallery at The Tech Garden, Harrison St. Syracuse NY 

December 2012 - January 2013 - Art For the Holidays at Mohegan Manor Group Exhibition, Mohegan Manor Baldwinsville NY 

December 8 2012 - SuperStorm Sandy Benefit Concert, Pier's & Blake, Utica NY 

December 17/18 2012 - Golden Artist Colors Commission, Golden Foundation Residency Barn, New Berlin NY

Saturday, December 29, 2012

SuperStorm Sandy Benefit Concert, Pier's & Blake, Utica NY December 8 2012

Utica has played a pivotal role in my efforts to re-start a career in 2012 and another great lead came out of the Utica Music & Arts Fest connections I'd made in September at first the Radisson Hotel show and then the Live Murals event on Varrick St. One of them was an acquaintanceship struck up with Utica based musician Michael Frantz Ilio, who had impressed me to no end by sporting a tattoo of the Schizoid Man face from "In The Court of the Crimson King" at the Radisson event. Things like that get my attention and after friending up on Flakebook Michael had become an advocate of my efforts at painting.

Especially the zombies & cosmonauts, which strike a chord with every morbid art punk pretty much fed up with the state of things regardless of what media they use. As it was Illio had just formed a new band -- The Upstate Outlaws -- and they were invited to play at a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy relief in late October. Utica actually has a pretty active arts collecting scene and knowing this Mike invited me to do any number of small paintings of the band in zombie style to bring and put up for raffle along with their own visual creations. Here's what resulted including a series of the event itself, which raised over $5,000 for Sandy relief.

The promotional poster for the show, on my wall of event flyers out in the studio garage.

Group portrait of the original 8 Upstate Outlaws paintings the night before the concert. And as it turned out the band themselves ended up winning the whole lot. They have my OK to use them as they can to promote the group for a plug on the back cover & a phone call next time another opportunity like this comes up.

Upstate Outlaws: Christmas Rock Band Zombies

Upstate Outlaws: Smoke Break

Upstate Outlaws: Plutonium K Space Modulator Diode

Upstate Outlaws: Psychedelic Zombies

Upstate Outlaws: Title Forgotten

Upstate Outlaws: Feline Tendencies

Upstate Outlaws: Savior Machines

Upstate Outlaws: Zombie Monks

This painting was *too* good. I'd arbitrarily promised to deliver eight to be raffled at $5 each and decided at about four in the morning the night before the event that I had to keep Zombie Monks. Made coffee and squeezed out one in about four hours which turned out just as good if not better.

Upstate Outlaws: Zombie Smackdown

Off to Utica for the event on the standard three hours of pre-show sleep: Setup was scheduled for 2pm, I arrived at about 3:30.

Utica/Hamilton scene DJ & artist Marc Tucci was in attendance, always a good sign.

Sonny Boyee

Syracuse based artist Steve Nyland with his paintings of The Upstate Outlaws on the raffle table at Pier's & Blake for the SuperStorm Sandy Benefit Concert in Utica, December 8 2012.

Upstate Outlaws musicians Andrew Styles and Chris Dunn going over their setlist with event organizer Joe Sweet at the Superstorm Sandy Benefit Concert, Pier's & Blake in Utica NY, December 8 2012.

The Upstate Outlaws

The Upstate Outlaws

The Upstate Outlaws

The Upstate Outlaws

The Upstate Outlaws

Some video of the set closer ... The boys are dadaists, don't say I didn't warn you.

Artist Steve Nyland and Upstate Outlaws' musician Michael Frantz Ilio at the Superstorm Sandy Benefit Concert, Pier's & Blake in Utica NY on December 8, 2012.

Artist Steve Nyland and Utica Music & Arts Festival organizer Joe Sweet at the Superstorm Sandy Benefit Concert, Pier's & Blake in Utica NY, December 8 2012.