Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Steve Nyland Drawing On Doors For Golden Artist Colors Part Two, December 2012

Visiting the storage tank room at the Golden plan, level E1M6 I believe where you have to find the blue key to get into the sewer maps. I always liked sewer maps.

Windmills on the way out to New Berlin by the plant where they make the bath salts, used to turn other people into zombies. The zombies service the windmills, the windmills power the drones, and the drones control the zombies. A perfect circle.

Our Drone Zone Soundtrack burnt to disc for the drive: This is what the pilots listen to while controlling the drones, and the landscape motif is a view from the drone as it swoops down over the city. Summers/Fripp is windmill music.

One of the nice surprises from the experience! Golden design team member Tina requested I bring in one of my smaller study pieces for her to take home for some grocery money. Hot.

Wonderland #31: Chenango Purple, acrylics and watercolor crayon on a slat of wood from a melon crate purloined from the neighborhood supermarket. The size is perfect, I want more of them.

The Golden swatch making facility where they make the samples swatches used in sales displays.

Firth of Fifth

The incredible atmosphere on Tuesday, which was much more fun to gaze at than it was to drive through. Whoever put those 55mph speed limit signs along Rt.80 has a weird sense of humor.

The Golden Foundation Artist Residence center near the New Berlin plant where they had the production of the video staged.

Golden design team member Todd getting set up for Tuesday's session, using the door I'd prepped the day before on camera with the acrylic grounds for pastels. A goodly portion of it ended up on my shirt and I'm exploring the idea of stretching it.

A progression of the drawing as it evolved ... I was pretty determined to keep this one more of a drawing and used the Neocolor II caran d'ache water soluble crayons as the basis with the Unison pastels for highlights & a teensy bit of black acrylic for those bold outlines when finishing it off.

A couple variations with the motif in this one: I allowed a couple small round tables & a folding metal chair into the assortment of objects, made one of the larger can forms a Cream of Nothing soupcan, and included a small red barn at middle left in homage of the location.

This was just awesome to witness, wisps of vapor rising from the landscape as the earth refused to give up for the winter.

In front of the residency barn, planning to have my application for the 2014 term ready & submitting myself for consideration as a candidate.

The disused chicken coop on the property, which I'm tempted to invent a story about ... See, there was this fire back in the 1970s which roasted all of the chickens. A suspicious character with a white beard wearing a white suit was seen lurking about, carrying large containers of mashed potatoes & gravy and cole slaw. A trail of freshly baked biscuits was found leading from the scene and investigators found two large containers of icy cold Coca-Cola but no arrests were made.

Todd wrapping up the day's shoot video and stills were taken on both days & they got everything, what they didn't get I got and that's that. In the bag, on the resume, and off to something else. I turn forty-six in two weeks and could not have asked for a better birthday present.


Final state, isolated. This one stayed in New Berlin with Golden for the time being and I would not object one bit if they asked to keep it for ever.

The drawing from Monday packed into the Jeep for the drive back to Syracuse after Tuesday's session. Unfortunately I thought it would be a really good idea to spray fix it with Krylon's before doing the drive. Which encountered weather right out of the driveway from the plant, necessitating sealing up the vehicle on that passenger side to keep the thing from being ruined. 

All went well until I got to Cazenovia when that large McDonald's coffee from Hamilton began to remind me who was boss. Made it back home OK but the end result was captured below on a piece I'd worked on to practice with the Neocolor II crayons.

The Yarfing Cosmonaut, acrylics and watercolor crayon on cardboard, 6x8 inches.

Got to stop and have a closer look at the windmills from Rt.20 on the way back home ...

Mementos from the experience -- My visitor's pass from Monday which turned up on the floor of the Jeep when unloading (d'oh, will bring it back for a plant tour!), some stones found in the remnants of a razed structure in the barn's yard, and what I am telling anyone who asks is a piece of Helen Frankenthaler's old summer studio.


With mom & dad on the 19th after some decent sleep! They're stoked and agreed that this decision to use doors as a substrate for larger scaled paintings is perfect. "If buyers get tired of them they can always use it for a door", Ralph helpfully noted.

On the way home from the supermarket once again, there's my motif with the domed building and hills. Hoping to climb the Drumlins hill next week for a look over the whole city, which is likely the ultimate source for these compositions: Having spent many an afternoon/evening up there just looking out over it all, soaking it in for some later time to spill it back out.

Always remember.

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