Friday, December 7, 2012

Steve Nyland Recent Paintings at The Tech Garden, December 6 2012

In November at the height of my bronchitus The Tech Garden's artist in residence & curator of their galleries Ty Marshal invited me to take part in his new exhibition of Syracuse artwork simply called "Five". It's actually something of a dream come true with elements of my Syracuse area "art posse" coming together to help change the world. Along with myself homeboy Nate West displays some knockout eye-popping work which is amongst the best painting in Syracuse at this time. My hero Maria Rizzo's tree paintings are austere & organic against the steel wall frame of the gallery space. Painter Niki Dellios has some marvelous non-figurative creations which push the use of materials into new zones of being. And the always surprising Kathryn Petrillo totally knocked my socks of with a reserved but focused display of smaller paintings derived from landscape imagery which took me totally by surprise.

At first I just grabbed a few things I knew Ty was fond of, a few things I'd been itching to show and the best of my new "zombie" paintings done on found wood surfaces. Immediately after finishing the installation I knew I wanted more & yesterday finally got a chance to deliver the goods, beefing up my zombie display and removing a couple lesser pieces for Steve Nyland unleashed at last with new work that speaks for my aesthetic sensibilities.

So here I am finishing up yesterday with getting the last of the zombies in place, my best estimate is that there's around 40 of them there now. Plus two versions of the elongated Drone Zone landscapes and the best of the Letters Paintings from 2009 - 2011. 

Here's some video below and be warned was pretty fried after thirty six hours of preparing for another show in Baldwinsville at the historic Mohegan Manor, where curator Linda Bigness likewise invited me to bring in some work. How this spate of fortune befell me I haven't a clue but will heartily admit that I never want it to stop!!!!

Our reception is Thursday December 13 from 4pm to 7pm, 235 Harrison St. in Syracuse NY and the exhibition runs through the New Year. Show up and be counted!!


  1. I love it! The celeb zombies rock.

  2. Steve congrats to you and such an amazing body of work. I am happy for you. The art God has nodded. You now are your own person. Of course you always was. Can't wait to see these at the TG. Thanks for the wonderful words.