Thursday, December 13, 2012

FIVE, Opening Reception, The Gallery at The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY December 13 2012

The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse NY 13202

Utica based artists Tony Thompson (left) and Timothy Rand (right) with Tech Garden's artist in residence & curator Ty Marshal.

Artist Nathaniel West with his father Dick West and childrens Annabelle, Eli, and lil' Sophie.

No art event is complete without Sophie!  ;]

Artists Nate West, Tim Rand and Tony Thompson engaging with painter Niki Delios' mesmerizing installation with her light-interference rich pigments creating optical effects with the halogen spots.

Steve Nyland with artist Mary Mollica, her partner Maggie and musician Chuck Egan -- Mary and Chuck were classmates of mine at Jamesville Dewitt High School's exceptional class of 1985 and we've re-connected via the magic of Flakebook.

With my mom and dad, artist Flora May W. Nyland and ESF Professor Ralph D. Nyland. Flora has recently retired from her career as the archivist of the ESF Moon Library and is now painting & drawing again, hoping to do a dual show with her somewhere soon.

And mom liked my zombies! ;]  She was afraid she wouldn't but actually picked the second from the left as her favorite: "Toxic Zombie Clean Up Suit With Exploded Head Remnant". Mom rocks.

Mom chatting with former colleague Betsy Elkins from the ESF Moon Library scene while dad shares a laugh with artist Bill Elkins, who's work re-interested me in drawing as a discipline.

With Syracuse based artist/curator Linda Bigness in front of The Drone Zone, and I'm looking forward to doing more work with Linda at the galleries she curates at the Mohegan Manor in nearby Baldwinsville NY.

Painter Maria Rizzo and artist/photographer Eddie Colleli, who took some incredible portraits of the Five group which will likely become the official group pix.

With Downtown Utica Development Association committee member Tom Martin and his partner Art, who also drove all the way from the Utica area to see what there was to see. Talk is already circulating about a similar event there in the near future.

"Cosmonaut Without His Helmet On"

With my friend & colleague Maria Rizzo and one of the stocking-stuffer sized versions of my Drone Zone landscapes which I sent home with her and husband Dan.

The Tech Garden's artist in residence and Galleries curator Ty Marshal in what might be the best picture of the night. Still weighing them but this is close.

Artists Kathryn Petrillo, Nate West and Maria Rizzo.

Artist Maria Rizzo and Ivan Andreev, an associate of the American Rupite artists collective which I also connected with via Facebook.

With my hero Elizabeth Andrews, a Roycroft certified artisan who's helped to advise me on avoiding some of the pratfalls involved with the business side of being an artist. And inspired me endlessly with her etchings & prints, which I first encountered at the Shoppingtown gallery while tenured there. Yet another artist who's work made me want to see more from my own, and her validation of my efforts one glorious afternoon in June gave me the courage to fully commit to what I am doing now. 

With Michael Heagerty, who along with Jonathan Cantrell organized the VersuS show back in May which basically coaxed me out of seclusion after a decade on the sidelines. It was during setup for that when I encountered artist Tony Thompson, who's work encouraged me to get busy again. The day of the VersuS event I went to see Maria Rizzo's trees at May Memorial Unitarian, and seeing them convinced me that painting could be a way through which I could better express myself in more tangible ways. It's been nonstop since with no end in sight, and collectively we're all working to make a positive difference in Central New York. I like that!

Michael John Heagerty with artist Steve Eckhart.

Strangest picture of the night! with our DJ from the Utica & Hamilton scenes Marc Tucci and his partner in crymes Sonny Boyee. Marc inquired if we wanted some music and hell yeah, always wanted an art opening with a DJ & a bartender. We had beer, there's your DJ, done.
LOL, Marc's re-touched version, I like em both.


Photographer Eddie Colelli with his smashing friend Katie!

Striking a pose with Tech Garden's curator and artist in residence, Ty Marshal. Good show, let's do it again soon.

Another notch on the rifle wall out in the garage .... HOT.

One of photographer Eddie Colleli's official portrait pix of the Five, left to right Niki Dellios, Nathaniel West, Stephen Nyland, exhibition curator Ty Marshal, Kathryn Petrillo, and Maria Rizzo.

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