Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Zombies, Mutants, Space Chimps & Cosmonauts Christmas 2012

Deep in the bowels of the Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton NY lurks the Zombie Mill. Powered by the windmills it uses the bath salts made at the chemical plant to transform otherwise productive, rational, considerate humans into Syracuse University sports fans.

Wonderland #10: Gorge

 The zombies live in the city, their soup cans polluting the countryside and the fumes of their industry choking the winds. The zombies tend to the windmills, the windmills power the drones, and the drones control the zombies. The cycle perpetuates.

Zombie Mill Technician on a health and safety inspection to BSG in October 2012

Most of these are painted on cheapo utility shingles, $7.50 for a bundle of 45 at Home Depot, average size about 7 x 18 inches. Painted using Golden acrylics, gel media and other sizing or grounds products. Most of the drawing is done with Neocolor II caran d'ache watercolor crayons and the majority of are for sale. Use the email contact link for inquiries. 

Toxic Zombie Cleanup Suit With Exploded Head Remnant

Zombie Wearing God-Awful Christmas Sweater


Happy Jolly Zombie Elf

Happy Jolly Zombie Elf 2

Achmed the Psycho Santa

Crusty Old Pedo Santa From The Broke Mall Nobody Goes To Anymore

Achmed the Psycho Santa 2

She liked Zombie Wearing God-Awful Christmas Sweater and Achmed the Psycho Santa best.

Bath Salt Zombie SU Sports Fans On The Rampage For More Beer & TV

Zombie Meet N' Greet Becomes Zombie Scarf N' Yarf

Zombie Itching Powder

Punk Rock Zombie With Steaming Bucket Of Swill

Zombie Mom & Daughter

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Zombie Han Solo With Hydrospanner

Zombie Bez


Bondage Zombie


Awesome Hot Zombie Neighbor Walking Her Dog


Zombie Yarfage


Zombie Russian Cosmonaut With Broken Hand

Zombie Russian Space Chimp

Zombie Palmer-Thing

Mephisto Zombie (Someone Fetch A Priest)


Zombie Toothpaste


Cosmonaut Totem

Zombie About To Sneeze

Zombie Trying To Open Package Of Ho-Ho's

Idiot Zombie House Painter On His Weed Break

Pushy Zombie With Paper Ballot

Pissed Off Lesbian Zombie Couple

Zombie Who Doesn't Think It's OK To Take Pictures Of People's Artwork


Agitated Zombie Retail Sales Associate


Zombie Sinus Pressure

Zombie Coedine Itch

Admiral Akbar The Walrus Face


Zombie Russian Cosmonaut Devouring His Own Hand


Lauren & Tony


Zombie Who Could Really Use A Kleenex

Zombie With Detached Lower Mandible & Turtleneck

Zombie Snowcoat And Leather Jacket


Zombie Ex Girlfriend With Condescending New Husband

Upstate Outlaws: Zombie Monks


Upstate Outlaws: Zombie Smackdown


Zombie Pouring His Guts Out For You


Zombie Cosmonaut Smoking A Joint

Cosmonaut Who Put A Few Pounds Back On

Faerie Zombie Cow


Impatient Zombie Waiting At Supermarket Deli Counter

Toxic Zombie Sentry Duty

Zombie With Unpleasant Sneer

He's saying "I have all the Star Wars movies on videos and DVDs."


Zombie Hear No Bullshit, Zombie See No Bullshit, Zombie Speak No Bullshit

Hannibal Hoodie

Zombie Smack Hit and Acid Tab

With My Zombie Dreamboat


Varick Street Zombie

With My Zombie Dreamboat #2


Zombie Russian Cosmonaut With Space Helmet


Zombie Miniskirt and Topless Beach

Zombie Slim Goodbody

Zombie Splitting Headache And Projectile Vomiting


Zombie Russian Space Chimp Chewing On A Cigar

The Yarfing Cosmonaut

Zombie's First Date In Twelve Years

Always remember.

With mom, Xmas 2012

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