Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flora Nyland Fiber Creations & More, March 2014

Stopped by to see mom & dad earlier as they were preparing to head south to balmy Colombia SC to visit with my brother and his family. Flora is an exceptional artiste has been quite busy, delving into fiber arts using materials her own mother had squirreled away over the years.

Spaghetti Squash Garden

Nothing Beets a Red Onion

No title for this one yet, I believe they are tester patterns Flora sewed during her younger days.

Linen Drawing

Four Pillows, as the patches are remnants from four throw pillows that had been consumed by the ravages of time.

Two woodblocks from mom's era as a silkscreen artist, her intention is to pull a few positive prints from them in this configuration and show the results along with the blocks.

March in Syracuse ... kind of wish I was going with them.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art Music People Comeback @ Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse NY Feb. 28 - March 01 2014

Spark Contemporary Art Space
1001 East Fayette St.
Syracuse, NY

Setup Friday morning with curator Sasha and her partner Steven.

One for my niece, who collaborated with me on the form with the teeth at center.

Performance room.

Opening on Friday night at 7pm.

With artist Karen Greenfield in front of her showstopping paintings.

With artists Cayetano Valenzuela, Charlie Sam, Isaac Bidwell, and Karen Greenfield.


Giacometti Plaza

Fun In Space #3

Alien Skull

Fiddler Cosmonauts Three

Task Force Onion Ship

Final Four Cosmonaut

People People Everywhere

Space Zombies

Karen Greenfield

Karen Greenfield

Karen Greenfield

Karen Greenfield

Cayetano Valenzuela

Cayetano Valenzuela

Stephen Farrell

Maddie Ramos

Stephen Farrell


Stephen Farrell


Walls bare & out of there by 7pm Saturday. Pretty smooth operation and I'm thinking about organizing a show there for this summer.

You know what I'm thinking, don't you ... Performance art by Catherine Wright.