Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Colors of Abstract: Jaqueline Adamo at Mohegan Manor Galleries, Baldwinsville NY, October 16 - November 27 2012

My second wine tasting ever! with the first one right here back in August for a reception of painter Maria Rizzo's exhibition at the Galleries, please check the previous blog entries for coverage.

Our maitre'd. 

Our marvelous host for the wine tasting event! Grand fun, I am slowly becoming cultured.

Unfortunately the only picture I got of the artist, will make up for it next time!

CNY artists Maria Rizzo (center), Kathryn Petrillo (right) and writer/blogger Rachel Ikins (left).

Tarot card reading was an activity available following the reception. Interesting!

Syracuse based artists Maria Rizzo and Steve Nyland.

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