Sunday, August 26, 2012

Biding Our Time: Kayla Cady & Jonathan Vaughn at The Hamilton Center for the Arts, August 25 2012

Drove out to Hamilton yesterday to see an exhibition of artwork at the Hamilton Center for the Arts on Broad Street featuring work by wife & husband team of Kayla Cady and Jonathan Vaughn. Painting, drawing, fiber arts, installation, video, and performance art on a large scale that packs down to fit into the back seat of any vehicle. Me? I need to rent a U-Haul truck to show my best work, so somebody isn't thinking. Or wasn't before being exposed to their ideas. Pays to show up at these things!

Here's some video from the reception:

And be sure to find out more about HCFTA & their Broad Street Gallery at the center's website here:

It's a fifty minute drive from Syracuse to Hamilton and I amused myself on this journey by pursuing a gorgeous cloud front from hill to hill.

Anyway, here we are at the Center with their joint artists statement outlining the conceptual theme to the show. It's 3 paragraphs, just read it. You'll live.

Three years, three gardens, and it still works as a drawing without even knowing that. Not having read the statement first my conclusion was these were visual depictions of recipes with the ingredients shown in proportions. Nahh, but Jonathan liked the idea.

HCFTA director/curator Kathy Herold admiring the handiwork. She's batting 1000 with me, four shows out of four shows I've seen rocked. Keep 'em coming!

Kayla blew my mind when informing me that this display(not counting the computer used to display her video) all fit into a shopping bag or backpack. They eventually helped me up off the floor after the meaning of it came clear: I am a SUCKER renting trucks. Fuck U-Haul, I need to re-think my methods.

One of the spectators partaking in Kayla's video piece "Dear Nobody".

Macbook and iMovie 9! Same here, we will talk video next time!

And then at the opposite end ...

My Tony Thompson Art Detector went off! 


Left to right artists Jonathan Vaughn, Kayla Cady and Steve Nyland.

I promise this is not what it looks!

Back in Syracuse for my nightly turkey sub from Dorian's on Westcott St. 
See you at the next one!

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