Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Summer Medley" Group Show, Szozda Gallery Syracuse NY, August 10 2012

Some pictures from yesterday evening's artists reception at Szozda Gallery, 501 W. Fayette St. in downtown Syracuse NY featuring works by photographer Ray Trudell & paintings by Phil Parsons, Fred Wendell, and Laura J. Wendell.

Some of Phil Parsons' canvases.

Painter Diane Menzies, a friendly face from the Sparky Town & Edgewood scenes.

Phil Parsons, teaching me about painting hands.

Phil Parsons

Laura J. Wellner

Fred Wellner

Laura J. Wellner, with fan.

Laura J. Wellner

My favorite of Laura's pieces from the exhibition.

Emily Elizabeth

Fred Wellner's "The Unspoken War", my favorite piece in the exhibition.

Fred insisted he has never seen the French/Belgian animated film "Fantastic Planet", if so he arrived at remarkably similar imagery without even trying.

"The Fantastic Planet", complete film (1hr 17 minutes).

Fred Wellner

Ray Trudell

"On The Grind"!

Artists Angela Arrey-Wastavino and Kathryn Pertillo.

Contemplating the relevance of abstraction with Kathryn Petrillo, Fred Wellner (to my left) and Phil Parsons (to my right).

With Angela, curator Carol in the black dress and painter Laura J. Wellner, whom I recognize from somewhere ... ???

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