Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Syracuse University Basketball Fans = Bath Salt Zombies

Bath Salt Zombie Syracuse University sports fans on the rampage for more beer + TV so they can watch more SU sports and drink more beer. They trashed Topp's, ate yummy Grocery Store Gal then strung up the managers for running out of real bottled Syracuse water & damaged ice. Unmanned aerial drones circle overhead monitoring the crowds necking outside of Chick-A-Fil in protest of their policy of Captain Picard being better than Captain Kirk, while doped Chinese swimmers win the weightlifting competition, which NBC carries live.

(Acrylic on wood, 5 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches, unfinished.)

Remember ...

I should also take a minute to clarify something as many have very strong opinions about the subject -- My own personal sentiment about the Chick-A-Fil (deliberately misspelled, by the way) hype is that if you actually give a crap about it either way you are being USED by those who work to divide us against each other as a distraction to those subjects which actually matter. It's just the social f&#ckover of the week -- or last week -- with both sides looking simultaneously & equally just as noble or ridiculous in a twisted form of societal checkmate. 

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