Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Syracuse University Basketball Fans = Bath Salts Zombies, Take 2

Our story so far -- Bath Salt Zombie SU basketball fans go on a rampage for more beer + TV so they can watch more SU sports while drinking more beer. They trashed Topp's, ate yummy Grocery Store Gal, and strung up the managers for running out of real bottled Syracuse water & damaged ice. Unmanned aerial drones circle overhead monitoring the mob necking outside of Chick-A-Fill in protest of their policy that Captain Picard is better than Captain Kirk, while doped Chinese swimmers win the weightlifting competition, which NBC carries live. Mitt Romney chooses Captain Kangaroo as his running mate, Obama refuses to release his pant size, and King Crimson goes on tour without King Crimson, playing the music of Peter Gabriel just to mess with the audience who riot, engulfing Westcott St. in a blaze of felafel orders.

Meanwhile, a barbarian army of soup cans, folding chairs, small round tables and Doom II tree sprites surrounds the city, their plans as yet unknown ...

(Acrylic on wood, 5 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches, unfinished, to be continued.)


Always remember ...

UPDATE!!!!!! Topp's Markets raided by thugs, authorities seek information leading to arrest. Had no idea this had gone down (July 23 according to, just thought it up for that scenario on my own. Dang.

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