Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bath Salts Zombies, T-shirts, Art, and Ancient Aliens 0.O

You KNOW you want one too.


Hat's off to artist Tony Thompson for getting me to see the marvelous absurdity in the bath salts overhype extravaganza. I like saying "smoking up them bath salts" even though they don't, it just makes it sound more idiotic. Speaking of which I did a Google image search for BATH SALTS ZOMBIE a while ago and could not stop laughing -- just how stupid can people really be? 

Here's one of Tony's incredible paintings from the benefit show last Tuesday in Utica. He got it right without even trying.

He needs to get that on a t-shirt pronto! and make sure to bookmark Tony's new website to keep track of his latest efforts. Trying my own hand at this as well, my idea being a horde of Syracuse University basketball fans smoking up bath salts looking for beer and TV so they can watch more SU sports while drinking more beer and watching more TV. I'll keep working it.

The reason why this rules? Just ask that pinhead Georgie Tsokoloukos from the goofball idiot "Ancient Aliens" show, in itself one of the stupidest things ever dreamt up ...


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