Friday, August 24, 2012

Portraits of Expression: The Art of Joshua Jenkins at The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY August 23 - September 17 2012

The Galleries at Tech Garden hosts a show of recent paintings & drawings by Syracuse area artist Joshua Jenkins for the next couple weeks. Thursday the 23rd saw an artist's reception for the exhibit hosted by Curator/Artist in Residence Ty Marshal, never something to be missed and here's some pix for those who could not attend. For more information on Joshua & his artwork please visit his website at this address:

The exhibition runs through September 17 with the gallery open to the public during normal business hours or by appointment, and more information on The Galleries at Tech Garden can be found on their website here:

Curator Ty Marshal's installation made use of a digital projector displaying content from Joshua's website,

Painter Maria Rizzo coming to make sure I get to see the most impressive piece from the exhibit!

The showstopper! Bar art being a favored subject in my own work, tons of good ideas to latch onto here not the least of which is the superbly minimalist rendering of the bar crowd.

Maria and husband Dan, musician/performance artist from CNY's own Wagner 3000.

With artist Isaac Bidwell & friend. Every show I go to, there's Isaac, doing the same thing I'm doing: Looking for ideas.

Now joined by artists Zachary Missof and the multi-talented Jack Hardendorf.

Chaos ensues as the artists form a gauntlet to shake down unsuspecting viewers. Anything for a break, man!

Myself with Dan Wagner & painter Zachary Missof on the right, an artist who's work I had become familiar with via his participation in the CNY Artists Gallery in Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt. Got to study it five days a week for a while and was stoked to finally meet in person/

Joined outside by painter Kathryn Petrillo in her shades, artist/filmmaker Maya Gao and friend.

Tech Garden curator Ty Marshal discussing funding for public art in Syracuse with a host of local artists.

Maria & Jack

Tech Garden's marvelous foyer area, site of many interesting events I've been fortunate to attend since Ty helped coax me out of my turtle shell & get involved with growing the arts in Syracuse.

Yet more discussion on the arts in Syracuse, never enough of that.

Here was explaining his philosophy on not using title cards with his shows, which truly does focus the viewer's attention on the work without interruption from data that could potentially taint the experience of witnessing the artwork for the first time with no preconceived notions.

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