Monday, September 24, 2012

Westcott Street Cultural Fair, Syracuse NY, September 23 2012

Just wandering around with the camera. Hadn't planned on going but with the Craigster, Jay Bird and Kath Barry there it wasn't an option to stay at home. Met a new artist too! as in someone whom I think the posse of artists I'm plotting to assemble can work with.

The delightful Jay Bird and friend.


"No, Peter, I can't watch the counter for you."

With Angela and the Craigster.

My pal from the Arts & Crafts Fair downtown in July. He wants a purple beard!

Live art event! takes many forms, as long as the work gets done, great.

I am thinking that brick wall along the Dorian's parking lot would be perfect as the backing for a live mural event space, I kind of know they guys and they indicated an interest in talking it over for next year. Lean up some boards, turn five or six artists loose and see what happens.


With my neighbor, colleague and new-old friend Kath Barry, an artist who pours her creative energies into making hats. They are marvelous, mom is getting one for Xmas, and I'll add some web links to whatever Kath has once I figure them out.

lol at the kid! hehe.

There's some info for Kath's business.

One for the fall catalog.

Girls with Hula Hoops! a returning trend I highly approve of and a recurring theme over the late summer -- Check the album of pix from the live murals event for another beguiling set. There's some art in this somewhere, maybe figure poses ...


Get in touch with me, ladies! There's some art in this, let's find it.

The discovery of the day! Cazenovia based artist Arianna Lynch, entirely self-taught, uses spray paints with scraping techniques to create forms, not part of any gallery scene and so determined to get her work out there she was willing to give this a try. Let's do something! and look for her art page on Facebook here:

She just makes these, doesn't even think twice about it. No background in art, pretty much woke up one day and decided to start -- Does it because she feels like doing it and wants to try and turn it into a way to make a living. Sounds familiar! and most importantly the work is convincing. I was sold on Adrianna as a painter with her own unique visual language in under two minutes.

My recommendation? No art school, no graduate school, find a circle of artists to bounce ideas off and start showing with them. Absorb the ideas you get from their work and let it seep into your own methods. Go see art shows and meet the artists -- My colleague Tim Rand is having one at Hamilton Center for the Arts, 20 Broad St. in Hamilton on November 16 from 5-8pm. Make a point to be there and I'll introduce you to the crew.

Five dollars each ... What do you think, Tony?

MINE. ;D  and I want to see this on the human scale.

Good spirits too -- Let's do something.

Popos, I'm outta here.

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