Monday, September 24, 2012

Early Look At Flora Nyland's Print Portfolio: Works On Paper 1966 - 1975 (?)

Please note that my pictures are very poor, done by the dining room table very quickly & as soon as I can shoot better ones I'll replace this post.

"4/8 - Hilltop - FW Nyland 4/22/66"

Serograph collage, 18x24 inches.

"Back Yard - FW Nyland - '73"

Serograph collage, 18x24 inches.

"7/8 - Saphouse - FMW Nyland"

Serograph collage, 18x24 inches. No date but she said likely pre-1973, the imagery derived from our annual trips to the maple syrup farm.

"6/8 - Saphouse - FMW Nyland"

Serograph collage, 18x24 inches, no date.

Serograph collage, 18x24 inches, no title or date. Mom's guess was mid 1970s and for some sort of holiday project, possibly even a holiday group show from when she volunteered at the Everson Museum downtown.

"Larch Pines (?) #3 - FNyland - 12/73"

Serograph collage, 24x30 inches.

"Larch Pines (?) - Serograph 1973 - Flora Nyland"

Serograph collage, 24x30 inches.

My favorite of them all -- Handmade paper with what we think is a rhubarb leaf pressed into it while wet, like 18x20 inches. No date, signature or title and I forgot to ask her to guess a year. The coloring is actually a mildew stain that took root over the years but I think it's hot! So add papermaking to Flora's resume.


Mom's current project, learning how to draw & paint again via creating a series of imaginary desktops. These two are meant to be shown together, both watercolor with ink. The one on top is a piece of white archival board, the bottom a small store bought canvas.

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