Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nate West at the Hamilton Center for the Arts, September 11 2012

Took a drive out to lovely Hamilton NY yesterday with artist Nate West to introduce him to the Hamilton Center for the Arts, it's Broad Street Gallery, and curator/director Kathy Herold as part of Nate's application process for joining up. Here's a few pictures -- Nate and I will also be taking part in a BSG pop-up gallery event on Friday at the Utica Radisson as part of the Utica Greens Fest under the direction of artist Tony Thompson.

Find out more about HCA at their website here, endless events, classes & opportunities abound:

Nate's studio space back in Syracuse.

The whole house is decorated like this -- Paintings, paintings, and more paintings. I joked that Nate doesn't need to find a gallery just have a reception right there.

Somebody likes giant futuristic space windmills ...

HCA's classroom area.

Dance studio.

New kitchenette facilities, with center director Kathy Herold.

Media center.

The totally hot gallery space with artists Kayla Cady and Jonathan Vaughn's work on display.

The mini-gallery/sitting room, where Nate first encountered the work of Tim Rand in person.

The five paintings I helped Nate select to show Kathy. I want that 2nd one from the right! painted while Nate was studying at OCC with artist Richard Williams.

She liked them all, pix on their way Kathy!

Getting the tour of the Broad Street Gallery next door to the HCA.

World War One



Going over the basics -- while they talked I found time to swap the painting I'd had hanging on the wall over Nate's shoulder, then managed to forget it when we left. Silly ...

Tony Thompson!

Talking Heads and Miles Davis! This place just keeps looking better and better, seriously.

Kathy's studio space with works in progress.

All Golden's, all the way.

A little display for the HCA open house this weekend.

One with the sign! Glad to be on board and already working on my first projects for the center, more on them as things develop.

Quick stop at Cazenovia Lake on the way back.

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