Friday, September 21, 2012

"Phonography: Cell Phone Photography" Opening Reception, The Tech Garden Syracuse NY, September 20 2012

Quick note -- I am planning a return visit on Monday or Tuesday to take pictures of the individual works -- the reception was quite crowded! so rest assured all works will be shown on this blog as soon as I can get it together.

The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

Tech Garden's artist in residence & full time curator Ty Marshal, a friend & colleague who's tireless work in promoting the arts in Syracuse has inspired me. Ty can count me in on the effort to make Syracuse a more interesting and human place to live by showing my art here.

Syracuse area artists Nate West, Angela Warner, and their gorgeous daughter Sophie. Now a regular in the CNY arts community herself! Looking forward to seeing her whenever Nate and Angela have time to bring her along.

Artist Nate West's contribution to the show, with Instagram pictures of his mother and father.

The exhibition's guest curators Theresa Barry and Derek Bryant, both of whom entered their own work in the show and both pieces ruled.

Rob Biemer

Steve Nyland
My Tech Garden debut! Look in the prior updates section to the right for a blog post I did on the role this piece served in the past couple weeks of activity, and for more examples of my artwork visit my Art By Nyland page on Facebook here:

Theresa Barry

Syracuse artist/photographer Richelle Maki's creation, which I instantly regarded as the strongest piece in the show. The amount of effort & time which went into this piece is humbling to witness.

Leslie Brennan -- Caught my eye because I love frogs! and Frog Art is always a hit.

A plug for the Hamilton Center for the Arts, one of my new gigs for the fall. They're looking for talent! Visit their website and find out how to get involved.

Theresa Barry, Steve Nyland, and Genevieve Nordmark

Angela Warner and John P. Paone -- I liked how John had rigged up a little sleeve with his business cards available. That's how you get clients!

Jerry Russell, with my second favorite piece from the show. I just liked it.

Syracuse area Art Freaks Tommy Lincoln and Steve Nyland. Tommy had an amazing show last month at Funk N Waffles on the SU hill which got some action on here, look for it on the posts for August and be sure to visit & bookmark Tommy's website here:

Syracuse based artist/designer John P. Paone and Tommy Lincoln, who was there handing out free t-shirts he had designed. No XXL, but he's working on it.

John P. Paone with his contribution -- I hadn't even realized who John was at first when passing each other walking in to see the show and we'd been friended up on the FB for a while. Hey! small world, and make sure to visit John's website here:


John P. Paone, getting some press.

John P. Paone

Syracuse area painter Nate West and designer/artist John P. Paone

John P. Paone, Tommy Lincoln, and painter Nate West


Syracuse based artist/designer John P. Paone, with friend.

The VersuS group's chair Michael J. Heagerty with the Phonography exhibition's co-curator, Theresa Barry.

Artists Nate West, Steve Nyland, and the multi-talented Jamar Giles aka Brother Maars, both of whom I first encountered at the VersuS group exhibition in May.

Brother Maars, off to study furniture design this fall on the west coast.

Syracuse based photographer/artist Eddie Coleli, another multi-talented creator I had the good fortune to show with at the VersuS event in May. Eddie is a pro currently working in the fashion scene and a blog about his work can be found here:

Eddie Colelli's contribution to the show, and info about their process will be added shortly from a comment he posted on my FB art page in regards to his work.

Batman angle! with artists Eddie Colelli, Jamar Giles, and Nate West.

Jamar Giles and Eddie Colelli

Syracuse based photographer/artist Wesley Feuz, who had a show of State Fair imagery at the venerable Sparky Town last month.


Best picture of the night award goes to Syracuse based artist Steve Nyland, here seen trashing his own contribution to the show while attempting to pose for a picture with the Phonography exhibition co-curator, Theresa Barry. Pretty smooth bro!

Phonography co-curator & artiste Theresa Barry and a somewhat more composed Steve Nyland.

Syracuse area artist/photographers Richelle Maki and Wesley Feuz, snazzy in that purple tie.

Artists Angela Warner and Melissa Martins, who are actually sisters. 

Painter Nathaniel West with his contribution to the exhibit.

Artists Angela Warner and Nate West

Melissa Martins

Syracuse based artist/educator Melissa Martins.

Syracuse area artist Angela Warner in front of her marvelous creation at upper left.

Theresa Barry's gloriously wacky contribution. Makes me think of those saving stamps from Record Theater.

Richelle Maki

Richelle Maki again, with hours of labor right there to be seen. Truly above & beyond the call of what the exhibition guidelines required, and a marvelous collection of ideas/thoughts/feelings.

Co-curator Derek Bryant's entry, which caught my eye due to his use of bulldog clips to secure it to the holders. Excellent presentation solution.

Syracuse area painters Maria Rizzo and Nate West, both itching to join me in an effort to paint some live murals in a couple spaces we are considering.

With Syracuse based artist/photographer Richelle Maki, responsible for the incredible piece I picked out as the most impressive on display.

Look for more examples of Richelle's work here:

And on her FB business page here:

Tech Garden artist in residence & fulltime curator Ty Marshal with associate.

Painters Maria Rizzo and Katherine Petrillo. Maria and I are still wondering what she was so stunned by -- Great picture!!

Syracuse area artists Maria Rizzo and Phonography exhibition co-curator Derek Bryant.

Artists Maria Rizzo, Steve Nyland, and Ty Marshal.

Artists Ty Marshal, Nate West and Maria Rizzo ... I've got plans for these three!

Cleanup time, with the slideshow of other contributions provided by artists & photographers from around the world. Visit the Phonography show blog to find out how it worked at

The one thing this exhibition did for me more than anything else was to re-invigorate my commitment to showing my artwork here in Syracuse. The interest shown in my activities by those I interacted with was totally unexpected. And welcome! I'd been looking for something from Syracuse, some sort of signal that this was an option too. Not just in terms of work or career opportunity but personal considerations as well. They are here alright, we'll find time for Syracuse in addition to Utica, Hamilton and wherever else viewers are eager to see what I can do. So I thank everyone who let me know they wanted to see more -- It made a difference.


  1. Excellent exhibit in many ways and well documented by Steve Nyland. Congratulations to all the Artists.
    Linda Bigness

  2. Looks good Steve! Was just planning a trip into central New York later this autumn and wondered what this place looked like inside. Very comprehensive coverage, safe to say I'll be dropping by even if I'll have to miss seeing Phonography up close!