Thursday, September 20, 2012

Broad Street Gallery Group, Monthly Planning Meeting, September 19 2012

Had a marvelous time driving out to Hamilton NY on Wednesday for my first monthly planning meeting with the Broad Street Gallery group, led by Hamilton Center for the Arts director Kathy Herold. Amongst other topics we discussed were a Hallo-Art event at BSG on October 20 that I was invited to "chair" for the gang. Why not! especially if it means getting to let artist Tony Thompson design + stage a spook house down in the basement. YES!

Many more events coming up for BSG & HCA and I promised Kathy to keep track of them on here to help promote both the gallery and arts center. Use the link below to visit their website and find out more about upcoming plans and how to get involved.

Artist Nate West was the new guy tonight, bringing his lady friend Angela and their beautiful daughter Sophie along -- Angela is also an artist and a goal of mine is to get a drawing or two of hers on display along with Nate's paintings.

After the meeting we stopped up into the HCA next door, and Kathy Herold let painter Timothy Rand and I see some of her own works in progress in the small studio she maintains there. These three caught my eye as especially nice, the above a block of wood she first carved her drawing into and then painted with acrylics. By Golden's!

These two are gorgeous! Can't recall if she said they were finished or not but my vote is good to go. Kathy keeps surprising me too, tonight she let it be known that she had never even thought of showing any of her own paintings in the BSG downstairs. We changed that! and I will be patiently firm with her until these two and a couple others are amongst the other artists who's work she features.

"A Rothko Hamburger", Tim cryptically stated, meaning a painting of Kathy's.
Now quick -- Which one? Not telling!


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