Monday, September 17, 2012

Utica Music & Arts Fest, Radisson Hotel Pop-Up Gallery, Friday September 14 2012

Had an opportunity to take part in a quickie 1 night gallery show at the Utica Radisson on Friday which served as a meet & greet for the musicians and organizers for the Utica Music and Arts Festival. The event also served as a promotional opportunity for the Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton NY and featured BSG artists Tony Thompson, Timothy Rand, Dawn H. Farrar, Kathy Donovan, Wendy Butcher, Nathaniel West and myself.

I'll make a separate post of the artworks from the show, for now here's some images of the event and the mayhem which ensued. 

Loading up paintings at artist Nate West's home; Nate and I are splitting road costs to our commitments in Utica and Hamilton NY, adds up.

Check-in at the UMAF table at the Radisson.

The venue as we first encountered it. We'd had some misgivings about showing the work on easels but in the end it was quite fitting and perhaps a model for future "pop-up" exhibitions to propose at other temporary venues. You learn as you go!

Debuting three of my large pieces done on leftover foam core, the one with the yellow garnering some steady attention over the course of the evening.

A followup blog post shows just the artworks from the gallery -- Overwhelmed by the amount of content I generated for myself here & slowly catching up.

Artists Nate West from Syracuse and Tony Thompson of Utica, who invited us to take part in the exhibit as part of the Hamilton NY Broad Street Gallery crew of artists.

Artists Nate West and Timothy Rand in their first of likely many showings together.

Yes, I brought a paper trimmer. I despise smudged up crooked cut title tags enough to be the nerd.

The reception proper, with artist Wendy Butcher at left.

Once a freak, always a freak.

Artist Nathaniel West, in his first show since the VersuS group exhibition in May.

The hospitality table with event volunteer extraordaire Jessica Mulet & her friend Anthony.

No idea as to the name of the band but they were good.

One for the mantlepiece with the whole Broad Street Gallery crew in attendance -- Left to right Dawn H. Farrar (back turned, my bad for not catching her for the picture!), Tony Thompson, Timothy Rand, Nathaniel West and Steve Nyland. Artists Kathy Donovan and Wendy Butcher also contributed paintings, Wendy absent from the photo because she is taking it.

Artists Nate West, Tim Rand and Wendy Butcher.

Artist Tony Thompson with my hero of the evening, Dawn H. Farrar. Looking forward to working with both of you again soon!

Nathaniel West

Steve Nyland

Nate pointed to this and remarked "Donald Duck in a top hat." I expect to see that in a painting soon!

Looks like one of the game levels from SiN.

Nate West and Dawn Farrar

Dawn, contemplating my small "Dutch Interior 2011" painting.

Artsts Dawn H. Farrar, Steve Nyland, and Nathaniel West,

Nate and Dawn with our photographer, one of the organizers of the music portion of the evening.

Winding down.

My sexy gal with a Tony Thompson.

Check the next blog post for pix of just the artworks, or maybe it's the one after that ... long day.

In the true artists fashion we picked that hospitality spread clean during close-down. I scored half a broccoli pizza and enough crackers to keep me eating soup for the rest of the month.

Out the door & back to Syracuse through a hurricane. Will do it again anytime.

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