Saturday, September 15, 2012

Steve Nyland - Mural Painting at the Utica Greens Festival, September 15 2012

Thanks to artist Tony Thompson I finally got to execute a mural sized painting during a live art performance in Utica NY as part of their Greens Festival on Saturday. Not only was it outright FUN! but I had an aesthetic breakthrough which hopefully could indicate a sign of things to come -- The piece was completed in under five hours, used color, and absolutely ruled. I am having a difficult time comprehending that I am the person who painted this! but it really happened. I did that!

The final painting with some contrast adjustment. Several professional photographers also took pictures of it & we traded business cards, hoping that a super hi-rez image with the correct framing is shared with me which can be utilized as a digital print. Main reason being that the mural itself is basically already gone: The crackle board surfaces donated for the live event were ultimately for use at the Utica Skate Park at Utica's Lincoln Plaza, where they are to be fixed to skateboard ramps as re-useable mural surfaces. Ours will be painted over Sunday morning at 9am for use by another artist during a subsequent live art event at Lincoln Plaza Sunday afternoon. 

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