Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zombie Paintings, October 18 2012

Two fun gigs I'm involved with for the Halloween season are our Broad Street Galler's Spooktacular Halloween Artorama in Hamilton on Saturday October 20th from 2pm-8pm with a special installation of ghastly Halloween artworks. Then on Saturday October 20th its the highly anticipated Utica Zombie Walk 2012 where Tony Thompson, myself and a couple other artists are doing an installation of ghoulish zombified artworks for part of their evacuation train promotion. 

I put my thinking cap on and decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by doing a bunch of small funky zombie paintings on found wood surfaces for both events. And whip a couple older ones into shape for inclusion, though none of the pieces shown are necessarily in a final state.

Zombie Heads

Zombie Russian Cosmonaut Devouring His Own Hand

Zombie Mutant Eyes With Bullet Wound

Zombie Captain Kirk

Zombie Howard Cosell

Obama Zombie

Romney Zombie
(started as Zombie Realizing He's Going To Be Late For That Meeting Anyway)

Zombie Trying To Open Jar Of Peanuts With Stuck Lid

Zombie With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Gloves 
(started as Zombie In The Shower When Someone Flushed The Toilet)

Lauren & Tony
(this one's been completely reworked since this pix was made, will update ASAP)

Bath Salt Zombie SU Sports Fans On The Rampage For More Beer And TV

It's Mike The Gimp, And He's Da Bomb

Our Allies

Zombie Dreamboat

You Have Such Pretty Zombie Eyes

And remember ...

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