Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mural Painting At Funk N Waffles, 727 South Crouse Ave Syracuse NY, October 12 2012

Friday night Syracuse area artists Nathaniel West and Angela Warner met me down at Funk N Waffles  after the Szozda Gallery opening for our fifth round of mural painting. Truth be told it wasn't a very productive evening, we were both distracted by the clamor from a very busy Chuck's upstairs (our hallway runs right under where the pool balls always get dropped) and preoccupied with upcoming commitments outside of the Syracuse area; Sunday we're both headed to Hamilton for a Broad Street Gallery event, Wednesday again for a gallery group monthly meeting, then Saturday once again for our Halloween Spooktacular Art-O-Rama, which will be discussed Wednesday.

Thursday I'm tentatively due in Utica to do more work on my DUDA Art In Windows project but that may have to wait until enough progress is done on my work for the Zombie Walk 2012 mayhem also in Utica on October 27. Meanwhile the mural taunts us, defying an ability to complete it quickly in part due to FnWs odd schedule (Weds-Sun, usually closing at 4pm unless music acts are booked) and in part due to the scope of the project -- I paced out my total yardage today including the newly annexed "green wall" at 43 feet. More than twice as long as anything I'd done previously and with a much higher level of detail.

All of this exacerbated by what I'd describe as an ugly mood on the SU hill, underscored by several acts of violence at the free Orange Madness event in the Carrier Dome which ended with one guy stabbed. Gee! It as also my first Friday night in the Marshall St. area with the student population in town since maybe 1994, and I had forgotten how much I disliked it. While an SU student + Hungry Charley's regular Friday was considered the least desirable evening to be on M-street. That was the night to go to a party or stay in with a 12 pack and the week's new CDs, or just go out to the studios and get trashed there. 

So whatever; Fridays still suck on Marshall Street, with Funk N Waffles being something of a haven in that it's not a bar, there's no alcohol, drunks aren't big fans of waffles, there's always live music, the bathroom is clean, and you can still gawk at the ladies out shivering in their party dresses while grabbing a cigarette. Some things never change, though I don't recall too many party dresses back in the day.

Being patently ignored by the adorable Sophie but it's still an awesome picture, taken by artist Angela Warner, who is Sophie's mom. Her daddy Nate West tries to find his painting in the background, which proved unsuccessful. By about 10:30 we were done for the night and went home to fret over the coming events in Hamilton.

Live ska/reggae with Root Shock, and they were good! Follow the link below for more info.

If there was a positive development from the session it would be that I pushed my mural design around the corner onto the green wall I'd initially planned to paint on, seen here right after Nate, Angela and Sophie split. The new scheme is to try and finish up the majority of the painting by next Sunday, October 21. Maybe.

The beginning of the green wall's painting, with the patches of scraped off wall material being used as parts of the composition.

Yeah. Time to either start drinking or go home. Guess what I did.

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