Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mural Project Update, Funk N Waffles, 727 South Crouse Ave Syracuse NY, October 13 2012

Back at Funk N Waffles on Saturday afternoon for my first solo painting session on the mural project, determined to turn the vibe around after Friday's distractions & nailed it.

FnWs George Clinton mural at the bottom of the stairs.

The green wall as it had been left on Friday evening.

Objective for Saturday was to stretch it onto that red doorjam, solidify the forms and start regarding it almost as a separate painting. With an emphasis on keeping the freshness of the Utica Greens Fest mural ... Which just by coincidence had the same taupe green primer coat.

With the tail edge of painter Nathaniel West's mural at right. The general scheme is for Nate's painting to sort of creep around the door and "infect" mine and I do vice-versa so the two styles blend together.

Worked the city a little bit and changed some of the edges of the soup cans so that there's a more sort of painterly merging of forms making up the foreground.

I need to work more on my windmills!!! I brought #4 out to Hamilton today to show Catharine Westlake and Tony Thompson for ideas & Cathy immediately picked out the windmills, said they made perfect sense.

Trying to gauge how patrons entering the dining area would see the hall space & maximize the visual impact so they are compelled to step aside & see what the fuss was. That called for a patch of bright "warning" colors -- red and yellow. Just enough to attract the eye's peripheral vision.

So, a red and yellow helio-blob on the green wall as left on Saturday evening at about 8pm, twice as long as I'd planned to be at it and the karma is back. This is going to rock!

How the two sides matched up. I'd already resolved to not touch the wooden plank there at the very corner, not sure exactly how I'd treat it and will need to be told specifically by someone that it should be included. I'm thinking of it as sort of a framing device, and one idea is to try and paint that white space at the bottom left of the green wall to resemble the wood paneling under the main body of the mural. Maybe.

Nice beauty shot for the FB cover.

The extent of it's reach -- One tendril extended over the door, and when we go back Wednesday that hillside is getting some windmills  ;]

The awesome Samantha! from the Detroit based band Aim Your Arrows, doing her vocal warmups in the foyer -- Vocal warmups?? Yes! This lady is a pro, visit their page on FB below & look for them on iTunes and Spotify. I wish I'd been able to buy a CD! I want one, signed. Msg what you'd need.

Drummers ;[ ... Not from Aim Your Arrows, some other band. They had me trapped in there for a while & I am claustrophobic. Harsh!

Trying to match Nate West's color scheme so that the two paintings match the eye as you first see it, almost as an optical illusion. But we'll have to work on a lighting solution when Adam Gold is back from the Sophistafunk tour.

With flash and no light on.

Syracuse area artist Steve Nyland in front of his mural painting underway at Funk N Waffles, 727 South Crouse Ave. on the Syracuse University hill.

Ugh I should have gotten a CD ... and a bumper sticker. This may start a new tradition! getting the music of the bands who were booked while we were painting. Aim Your Arrows, Root Shock, Andrew & Noah Band and The Big Mean Sound Machine. Great little music venue by another name and I hope you had a GG turnout!

YES!!!! Colored hair rulez, rock on ladies  ;D

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