Monday, October 15, 2012

Richard Castellane at Broad Street Gallery + Open House, Hamilton NY October 14 2012

The Broad Street Gallery, part of the Hamilton Center for the Arts at 20 Broad Street in lovely Hamilton, New York.

The high point of the day -- finally meeting artist & fellow King Crimson fan Kathy Donovan! with Tony Thompson too, and a totally smoking hot picture by painter Tim Rand.

Hamilton NY.

The main event for the afternoon was a talk by curator Richard Castellane on his career in influencing the shape of 20th century art via the creative talents he chose to promote. There were a lot of them.

Painter Catharine Westlake's show next door in the Hamilton Center for the Arts' gallery space.

A more thorough blog post on Catharine's show to follow shortly, though I may have to shoot some additional pix on Wednesday before our BSG planning meeting.

My favorite! and the influence of Tony Thompson, perhaps?

Our volunteer Emma from Colgate! Volunteering, interning and apprenticing are so necessary in shaping a career & this young lady has the right spirit.

Tony Thompson at top, Steve Nyland bottom two.

Our post-lecture open house with the BSG artists.

Tony Thompson

My favorite of Tony's paintings currently on display.

Mr. Castellane and BSG artist Christopher Cirillo discussing his paintings.

Utica based artist Tony Thompson.

Artists Angela Warner, Nathaniel West, and Kathy Donovan.

BSG/HCA artists Kathy Donovan, Timothy Rand, and Tony Thompson.

Painters Christopher Cirillo and Nathaniel West.

Sophie! with her laser beam eyes.

Painters Catharine Westlake and Timothy Rand.

Painter Nate West from Syracuse NY with some of his works on display at the Broad Street Gallery.

Artists Angela Warner, Tony Thompson, Timothy Rand, Catharine Westlake, Nathaniel West, and everyone's favorite, Sophie  ;>


Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson, painting on an old window.

Nathaniel West

Route 20 East at dusk on the way back to Syracuse.

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  1. Great pics Steve! Cathlene's show looks awesome! And I love what Tony did with the gallery! Thans for the great post. Dawn