Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mural Project Update, Funk N Waffles 727 South Crouse Ave Syracuse NY October 10 2012

Muraling again at Funk N Waffles on the SU Hill Wednesday night, likely Thursday and Friday too if there's time. Wednesday was open mic night with both music and standup comics, a steady flow of humans coming & going and some progress on learning how to paint on a vinyl wall surface.

Started off the day with lunch at Sparky Town with Syracuse based artist Maria Rizzo, this Burnet Ave. neighbor still remembers what it's like to be a kid.

Painter Maria Rizzo at Art Rage's gallery space on Hawley Ave. just north of Sparky Town, where we caught some of the TONY 2012 Everson Biennial works on display. To Maria's left is an interactive piece where viewers are encouraged to add their contribution.


Painter Maria Rizzo enjoying the exhibition's most potent contribution.

Paul W. Pearce's photographic pieces captured my imagination, similar interests in guns, miltaria, Vietnam, and maps.

My favorite of Paul's photographic pieces, with it's title card below.

Syracuse based artists Stephen Nyland and Nathaniel West, working on their mural project at Funk N Waffles.

Painter Nate West and one of the open mic night participants running through his set.

Nate West

Steve Nyland

Steve Nyland

She was hot! Let's have you sing at our opening reception, my dear! 
Get in touch with me, it ain't a pass.

Nate West, looking over the night's progress on his mural. Best thing I have seen him paint to date, but this is a guy who paints for 18 hours a day. Nate himself doesn't even know what he's capable of at this point, which I consider to be a healthy sign.

The Syracuse Art Freak with the classic kid with his hand in the cookie jar look. I always enjoyed scribbling on walls, now it's for real.

And this afternoon I stopped by the estate & got to see Flora Nyland's latest painting!!! Mom's coming right along here, with a pair of lemons in a wicker basket with a wooden soup ladle. She's getting more comfortable working the surface and is creating forms instead of outlined shapes. It really is like riding a bicycle -- Hoping to get mom down to FnWs this weekend to see the murals and eat some waffles, set her imagination loose.

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