Monday, October 8, 2012

Live Murals Update 2, Funk N Waffles, 727 South Crouse Ave Syracuse NY, October 6 2012

The fun continued on Saturday at Funk N Waffles, not so much the mob on Marshall St. but the waffle shop was jam packed for Parent's Weekend with an hour wait for a table -- Here's Nate West and Angela arriving for the session just around noon with adorable Sophie in tow.

Nate West in pursuit of new forms of expression. We both brought some lights down too & will be pressing for some sort of upgrade in the house illumination if what we have in mind comes to fruition.

With my friend Lisa, another longtime Hungry Charley's regular who had to come see what this was all about & made my weekend. Couple of punks who never quite outgrew it -- Lisa is also an accomplished musician, good pals with owner Adam Gold and has a standing invitation to bring along her new band to play at one of our receptions. Stop back again, and soon.

The city from my side as the day wound down, maybe about halfway there. It's almost impossible to get a full view of the thing & I'm contemplating a way of using a panoramic stitch-assist method suggested by a fellow artiste working next door at the Thai joint. Thank you!!! ;D

Nate's largest painting to date & he is just warming up. We both want to push the detail factor into Richard Dadd territory with little miniscule features rewarding viewers who pause long enough to really look.

About as much as I could squeeze into the camera frame, and the big development of the day was an OK from the management to stretch both of our murals down to the end of the hall & around the corner. The plan is to have them literally collide so that the two styles merge, and we are still hopeful that artist Ty Marshal will bedeck it all with his fluffy pink clouds. I also want to see some sort of lounge area down there so viewers are encouraged to exist with the work for a while or just go sit out there for a time out from whatever is happening in the dining area (which is where their music acts perform). Lisa even confirmed that hunch when offering that the hall was her phone spot whenever catching a gig & on call from Crouse-Irving. 

Opposite direction, in need of sleep but happier with the progress than the face might suggest ... Former SU roommate Case recognized that EXIT sign immediately when I sent it to him; "Oh yeah, Robbie Rob introduced me to that door a number of times while bouncing my ass out of Chuck's. Always the gentleman." 

Funk N Waffles is closed Monday & Tuesday but host an open mic night this Wednesday (Oct. 10th) from 6pm to 12am and we'll be there painting, likely Friday as well after an opening reception at Szozda Gallery at the Delevan Center. Tomorrow it's off to Utica to finally install the Greens Fest mural in it's Downtown Utica Development Association space, should be interesting to say the least.

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