Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wagner 3000: Performance Rock @ Mac's Bad Art Bar Mattydale NY, July 13 2012

Friday the 13th I was very fortunate to know of a performance by Syracuse based performance rock band Wagner 3000 at the legendary Mac's Bad Art Bar in Mattydale just north of Syracuse. Fronted by the mad genius Dan Wagner (husband of my friend painter Maria Rizzo), I'd only heard online clips of their work and had no idea how much more involved their stage show was. 

Here's a very informal video recording of more traditional rock song of theirs -- The sound is poor but I'm hoping that along with a sound board recording + footage shot by their official video dude something useful can be made of it:

I shot a few more clips, will put up whatever looks useful in a day or three. And here's some pix I shot, still getting to know a new camera and had fun seeing what different settings would do under such dynamic lighting conditions ...

The venue, on what I know as South Bay Road just down the block from the old Hollywood Theatre.

Wife and husband team of artist Maria Rizzo & Dan Wagner of Wagner 3000.

LOL, had to show this. Deserves its own blog post and I took a few more, will think about putting it together. Didn't think much of the movies but that is one COOOL pinball machine!

Some of the infamous bad art at Mac's, which isn't really that bad, but I doubt it's a place to propose have a painting show. Had been thinking about it! But likely best left as is.

Best picture of the night! though sadly that got the guitar dude fired or something, not quite sure what went down. Sorry bro.

Sometimes I miss bars.

Dan Wagner of Wagner 3000 hitting on an idea to shoot some rock music video footage right there on the spot.

Performance artist Dan Wagner and painter/video artist Steve Nyland after a rather long day, wondering what the hell he's gotten himself into here.

Off to shoot a rock video.

The cast.

Preparing to walk back & forth in front of the guitarist (before he got sacked) while he mimed a solo.

Flapping mouths like ventriloquist dummies.

Can't wait to see what you do with it, guys!


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