Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Live Murals, DJs and One Kickass Art Party - Salvage 4 Change, Art Auction Jam In Utica May 25 2012

Some general pix from the Salvage 4 Change event in Utica May 25th at the awesome venue provided by S&R Motorcycles, sponsored by Arts West Alliance, and with proceeds benefitting the Utica Skate Park which most of the artists are affiliated with.

Event notification card.

The big board by the main gate. Skate art all the way Yo.

Artist Walter Waddas Jr. installing my contribution. Pix of the artwork in the gallery are posted on a separate blog update -- follow the Older Posts link at the bottom!

Artists Connor Beale and Tony Thompson at work on their murals, which they did not stop painting until the lights went up just before 12:30.

Event organizer Erick Florez and his homeboy from DirtyJerz Designs, their official photographer.

Artist Walter Waddas working on his spellbinding mural.

Promoter Harmony Speciale of Arts West Alliance about to make an announcement while DJ Tone Muticelli spins a groove.

Utica based artist Tony Thompson, whom I would single out as the most formidable artist I have encountered since leaving NYC in 2002. He's even more serious about it than I am, a total art freak who lives to paint and show his work. It was encountering Tony in part which encouraged me to look into my own backed up portfolio and turn what had been a resume notch half-assed show into a 20 year retrospective of my finest surviving work. Tony even came to see it, and I look forward to working with him on making some murals for the food court in Shoppingtown later in the summer.

Best picture of the evening! The young lady saw me preparing the shot, hopped up there and posed. My hero!!  <3

Artist Tim Rand by his incredible King Tut mural, inspired by Tim's admiration for one of my art heroes, painter Chuck Close.

Someone's about to get flattened here.

Tim Rand, cranking it out. Nonstop. This guy is my hero too.

Tone Muticelli, Charlie Cee, and Sonny Boyee.

Left to right artists Steve Nyland, Charlie Cee, Tony Thompson and Tim Rand.

Pictures of people taking pictures of people.

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