Monday, July 16, 2012

Isaac Bidwell & Cayetano Valenzuela: When Night Falls, Szozda Gallery Syracuse NY, July 13 2012

Fantastic show of paintings, drawings and prints by artists Isaac Bidwell & Cayetano Valenzuela at the Szozda Gallery 501 W. Fayette St. in Syracuse NY this month. The show runs through August 5th so go take a look!

This was a very exciting show to go see because Isaac and Cayetano are both part of the group of younger artists I've had the pleasure to show with here in Syracuse & Utica over the past few month. Both also have regional + national followings for their work, Isaac now showing in both Chicago and Los Angeles. Get used to hearing their names! and here is first some video taken during the opening reception on July 13:

And some pictures. I was delighted to see Cayetano painting utility poles -- a staple of my own choice of subjects -- and encountering Isaac's work has encouraged me to allow some naughtiness into a painting currently underway (which in turn has inspired me to begin painting from a live model once again). And like Amber Snow Pasiak's work at the Hamilton show there's a preoccupation with death or macabre imagery which is right on target. Take a look!

Event announcement card.

Entrance to Szozda Gallery at 501 W. Fayette, home of the Delevan Center.

One of Cayetano's exquisitely crafted canvases.

My favorite piece from the show! Small canvas maybe 8 x 10 inches and by golly he even tossed in a utility pole. YES!!

Some of Isaac's red hot sexy-morbid drawings. I first became aware of Isaac's work helping to sell his prints out at the Shoppingtown gallery and have been plundering the work for ideas ever since.

My favorite of Isaac's pieces from the show.

Jay & Sofia from the Sparky Town gang! YES.

Artists Steve Nyland and Cayetano Valenzuela. Love those green shoes too ;D

Artists Cayetano Valenzuela and Sofia Perez.

Artists Isaac Bidwell and Steve Nyland -- looking forward to a beer with Isaac sometime this summer to talk drawing.

YES! Frog art always welcome.

Gallery owner & curator Caroline Szozda-McGowan at right, looking forward to meeting with her soon  ;] 

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