Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funky Flea, Everson Museum Plaza, June 2 2012

Just bummin around down at the Everson checking out the Funky Flea bazaar. I'll level with you and admit to hating the whole crafts fair scene. I need walls I can sink some nails into. But this was cool, I'd bring down some of my old store-bought video movies next year maybe and just chill out. Here's some video taken during my stroll ...

And some pictures including a number with the artists I've been showing with both in the downtown Syracuse scene and Utica. 

The venerable Everson Museum. Mom used to volunteer there before taking up her residency at the SUNY ESF library archives. We'd go down every month or so and all I could make of it was that there weren't enough astronauts.

Some of the artwork I purchased, first my Mr. Mannequin print.

And a Jamar Giles aka Brother Maars painting. HOT.

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