Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Salvage 4 Change - Art Auction Jam In Utica NY, S&R Motorcycles, May 25 2012

Here's a fun video! Posting it up to help get me psyched for traveling to Utica on Wednesday morning to take part in a planning meeting for the "Art In Windows" project (check the older blog postings for more info -- still not too late to get involved!)

This particular event was an evening of art & music to benefit the Utica Skate Park, which I became involved with after artist Tony Thompson and designer Erick Florez befriended me at the VersuS group show on May 12th. They invited me to contribute a found object art piece which got me to start painting again for real, unstopping a seven year old cork in my creative bottle.

The evening was stupendous from my perspective -- I had not seen an art event like that since 2002 let alone participating in one as a contributor. I actually shot almost an hour of footage in total at various times during the evening but the two clips combined for this video sort of stood out in encapsulating the evening. Especially that *smoking* hot DJ jam caught on camera at the end, just incredible.

An album of pictures of the murals & artworks from the gallery to follow shortly in a 2nd post, stay tuned!!

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