Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Was An Ocean - Brendon Flynn at Sparky Town Gallery, Syracuse NY, July 8 2012.

Another reception by another young artist using scrappy low-tech materials to make engaging work, this time illustrator/painter Brendon Flynn at the venerable Sparky Town Gallery at 324 Burnet Ave in Syracuse's historic Hawley Green neighborhood. Brendon's show runs through August 5th with Sparky Town's legendary menu an added draw for a lunchtime stopover.

 Let's take a look at some pictures from the opening reception on July 8th:

Brendon's notification card design,

My favorite piece from the show!

The finished ballpoint pen version ... I like the pencil sketch better.

Artists Steve Nyland and Brendon Flynn.

Sparky Town's owner and artiste extraordinaire Lauren Bristol with artist/photographer Harry Freeman-Jones.

Artists Isaac Bidwell and Brendon Flynn.

Isaac Bidwell hard at work. This IS work by the way, you have to go to other people's receptions you are a loser.

Artists Sofia Perez and Brendon Flynn.

YES!!! haha, I love it.

Sparky Town's Lauren Bristol also graced the front page of this weekend's Post-Standard Stars section with one of her fiber creations shown at the Cazenovia Arts & Crafts Festival.


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