Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Burning Trash: Amber Snow Pasiak at The Hamilton Center For The Arts, Hamilton NY, July 7 2012

Had another very enjoyable trip out to Hamilton NY on Friday to see a show of work by photographer Amber Snow Pasiak at The Hamilton Center For The Arts. Low tech photos combined with found object assemblies & a marvelous wall length montage of disposable camera snapshots, all of it exploring the artists' sub-rural New York State working class heritage. Here's some video taken at the opening reception:

And an album of pictures showing the work + installation views. I was encouraged by her use of text and scrappy remnants which most would regard as refuse. No, it's artmaking materials, and here's what you do with it ...

The artist on the right with painter Tony Thompson & photographer Lauren Miller.

Utica based designer Erick Florez of Freak Creative. Visit them on the web at

My favorite piece from the collection of works.

Left to right artists Tim Rand, Steve Nyland, Tony Thompson, Sonny Boyee, and his doppelganger, Marc Tucci. We all got cupcakes to take home!!  :D

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