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Hang Local - A Panel Discussion on the Arts & Commerce - The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY January 17 2012.

The Technology Garden's artist in residence & curator Ty Marshal invited me to take part in a panel discussion at The Tech Garden on Thursday evaluating the current climate for the art market in the Syracuse area. Specifically the notion of pairing local artists with agents from design firms and interior decorators to place actual artwork in the homes or business of their clients.

The results served both as a lively open discussion on the role that artists can play in promoting their work to those who seek out genuine artwork by local or emerging artists, often in alternative venues with non-traditional exhibition practices. And as a networking opportunity for not just the panel members but those in attendance to compare ideas, exchange contact information, with the "Five" exhibition of our artwork serving as the metaphorical backdrop. 

Panelists for this first discussion included: Erin Sirianni, Carolyn Frani, Ellen Leahy, Karis Wiggins, Michael Joyce, Steve Nyland, Niki Dellios, Kathryn Petrillo, Maria Rizzo, and Nate West.

Left to right artists Maria Rizzo, Niki Dellios, Nathaniel West and Kathryn Petrillo.

Panel members  Erin Sirianni, Carolyn Frani, Ellen Leahy, Karis Wiggins, Michael Joyce, while I do my best "Ironside" impersonation.

Other Syracuse area artists & community advocates present, including Michael John Heaggerty (speaking here), NY Assemblyman Chris Fowler, artists Elizabeth Andrews, Mary Mollica, Derek Bryant, Dick West, Isaac Bidwell, Cayetano Valenzuela, Charlie Sam and John M. Paone. Not surprisingly either many of these names have figured prominently in my own activities over the past year. This bunch means business.

Discussion moderator Ty Marshal, moving things along to the second part of the evening.

Meet & Greet in the Syracuse Coworks shared office space, where anyone can book a table for business meetings or other related pursuits.

Painter Kathryn Petrillo's canvases on the Syracuse Coworks walls. Got something in mind that'll look just Jim dandy up there, yessir.

Some of artist Niki Dellios' work from the "Five" exhibition in the hallway gallery spaces.

Prior blog coverage of the "Five" exhibition curated by Ty Marshal and featuring the work of the artists from the panel group can be found here:

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