Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blood Of A Zombie - CD Cover & Other Zombie Commissions - January 2013

Just before Christmas my former Brooklyn era roommate & accomplished musician Matthew Melnick asked if I'd like to take a shot a designing a CD cover for his new music project, Blood of a Zombie.


Blood of a Zombie logo

Matt's sketch guidelines for what he wants to see, with doctor/nurse theme. 

The first effort -- Blood of a Zombie: Evisceration Table

Blood of a Zombie: Evisceration Table 2

Matt's notes for the back cover design.

Herbis Horse, March 2012 -- Another album cover design Matt requested, though the music side of the project never came to fruition.

Herbis Horse #2, April 2012 -- Attempting to simplify the design and make it look more stylized with assistance from former artist/designer and firefighter Chris Kulak. Who in turn requested his own commission of a zombie firefighter.

Zombie Fireman

Another friend whom I went through foundation core with at Syracuse University also made a request for a barfing American Gothic couple. Why not.

Zombie Splitting Headache & Projectile Vomiting -- The first result of that effort.

Zombie Hoodies -- This started out as another American Gothic barf-o-rama but I kind of liked it at the stage shown and kept it as such.

Mutant Porno Girls -- Seemed a shame just to paint over the wood forms in the shingle, so I had the pair be a couple of mutant hotties who do pr0n on the side to earn extra cash.

Mutant Alien Cosmonaut -- Suggested from the same approach of allowing the wood grains in the shingle to determine how the painting would take shape.

Cosmonaut Smack Hit

Zombie Buddy Cop Movie -- The best of the batch, and again it started life as a yarfing American Gothic but was just too damn good.

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