Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maria Rizzo - Trees Are Life - SUNY Closing Reception, January 25 2013

Syracuse based artist Maria Rizzo brought her marvelous "Trees of Life" exhibit to the SUNY Health Science Library foyer for a very effective alternative venue showing for January. Friday the 25th was her closing reception and while skeptical of the choice it is a FABULOUS viewing area, with a great little presentation solution just perfect for the short-term "pop up" gallery exhibits we discussed in Utica the other evening.

I liked how these display fixtures both avoided intrusion upon the space's function and focused attention on the individual artworks by making little viewing booths.

Maria talking about her work with the audience at the reception, something I've never thought of doing before. Another new idea here -- Maria is a trendsetter for me! and I did take the liberty of passing off a business card to the space's curator. We'll be talking!  ;]

Video documentation courtesy of Dan the Man.

Maria doing her press. This is work! including the outfit, the hair, the refreshments, the networking, the publicity, the footwork, the effort of transporting the paintings there. Think this is easy? 

Maria's musician husband Dan Wagner, the crazed genius behind Syracuse based art/rock/performance group Wagner 3000, enthused about the turnout for Maria's reception.

Syracuse area artists Kristen Starowitz, Kathryn Petrillo and Nate West.

Maria with Syracuse based artist/photographer Michael Moody, whom I finally got to connect with.

Maria with Syracuse area artist & businesswoman Angela Arrey-Wastavino, who has proven to be an impeccable on the spot advisor for me at some key moments over the past year.

Artist/curator Linda Bigness, who hooked me up with the Mohegan Manor gig, and Angela Arrey-Wastavino.

Trying to get my jacket's cuff unsnagged off my watch for a picture with Maria ... As I always like to say, a guy can do a lot worse than a picture with Maria Rizzo. Worth the effort ...

There we go! Syracuse based artists Maria Rizzo and Steve Nyland at the closing reception for Maria's January 2013 "Trees Are Life" exhibit on the SUNY medical campus at Syracuse University.

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