Friday, January 25, 2013

Project-U Artist's Group Meeting, Tramontane Cafe Utica NY January 23, 2013

Project-U Artists Group meeting at the Tramontane Cafe in Utica on Wednesday evening (January 23, 2013), with a healthy turnout of artists, designers and small business owners looking to grow their influence via public arts projects in downtown Utica. A function of the not for profit Downtown Utica Development Association, which I was invited to contribute to by my hero Regina Bonacci. And much to my surprise Wednesday evening I was appointed chair of this discussion group ... it will be a busy spring.

Special thanks to our guest Tina Dillman for taking the time to join us! With Vartan Poghosian, Tan Nguyen, Patrick Vedder, Jenna North, Tom Martin, Steve Nyland, Tony Thompson, Richelle Maki, Grim Works, Tim Schram, Marc Tucci, Erick Florez, Aaron Falzarano, Julie Angerosa and Timothy Rand.

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