Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ken Nichols - Paintings & Scarves - The Art Store, Syracuse NY January 15 2013

Ran out of gels Monday night and took a jaunt down to The Art Store aka Commercial Art Supply nearby at the corner of North Crouse Ave & Erie Blvd. just off the SU campus. Brought home fresh Golden's clear gel tar -- LOVE it as a primer/sealer for the zombie shingles -- and a pricy but long-lasting tube of real Golden series 8 cobalt blue, always my favorite shade. Toss in a few Neocolor II caran d'ache crayons, two of the Princeton series 4250R liner brushes I've come to rely on for the cosmonaut paintings, a four pack of 6x6 Ampersand clayboards to help me execute a commission for a CD cover in the correct proportions and we're back in business.

The Art Store website:

As chance may have it they also had a display of paintings done by fellow Sparky Town Gallery exhibitor Ken Nichols, forever enshrined in my memory as the guy who brought the dancing girls along for a reception in 2008. In all seriousness Ken's work taught me the need for an artist to be responsible for every inch of their canvas, something I've often been guilty of slacking on in the past. Nowadays if a spot is left unadorned it's for a reason, and I've even started to work over the side of my wood pieces after exposure to the practice via the paintings of Fred Wellner & Phil Parsons at the Szozda Gallery shows they've had. Not so sleepy an arts scene after all, and I took a minute to sign up for a turn at a display in The Art Store's gallery space too. Why the heck not.

Ken's website:

This one caught my eye.

AMAZING painting! Not sure if this is a new style for Ken but it's a marvelous middle ground between his "decorative" designs and an artsy-fine painting approach.

Check that face out, take notes. Excellent work.

I was told this was sort of an exquisite corpse/gestalt painting done at the opening reception by those in attendance. Awesome painting!!!

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