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Open Studios @ The Golden Foundation Artist In Residence Barn, October 1 2014

Ahh yes! Another trip to the Golden Foundation for one of their Open Studios events at the glorious Artist in Residence barn. And this trip was more special than most as my Hero & sweet inspiration Catherine Wright rode shotgun down from Utica to see what there was to see. So eager was I to engage in this voyage of discovery with Catherine that I neglected to change the long dead camera batteries prior to leaving and let my iFone's charge dwindle while excitedly waiting for word of our meetup. GPS drained it by the time we arrived in New Berlin and navigation had consisted of two turns after leaving Utica. D'oh.

Thanks to the diligence of others sympathetic to my aspirations as a blogger we assembled a batch of pix from various fones, pads, cameras and surveillance devices. Hopefully someone can also answer the question of what the HECK all those cups on the roof behind Catherine here were for. I could come up with a good story involving secret testing of wreckage from the Roswell crash but am actually curious to know. Give me a shout if you do!

100% Groovy

First stop was the Golden's Artist Colors plant just up the road to take a look at the "Monumental Works" exhibit of canvases by Friedel Dzubas at the plant's SAG Gallery. It is up through February of 2015 and absolutely must be seen in person to be appreciated. The show consisted of five paintings and that gallery was full.

Performance artist Catherine Wright interpreting one of Friedel Dzubas' massive canvases, and I would enjoy helping see something like this happen for real. Have an idea or three of whose work she could perform for an audience. Maybe a little bit of lighting & audio atmosphere, make it a Happening. 

My turn with the fullsized version of the "Hero Wall" favorite. I'm standing about 8 feet from the painting itself here. The thing is absolutely humongous, perfect, and gorgeous.

And the sketch, which is a collage of studies from other smaller maquette versions arranged into the specific order in the full sized version. Let's have another look.

... Yah. Go see it.

Ogling the lighting. I go to people's galleries now and look at their lights for ideas. Thinking about taking a part time job at a Home Depot requesting to work in their lighting department just learn about things like wiring, the different kinds of lights & how to install them while being paid for it. Maybe.

Getting ready for a moment inside the plant's blast-proof storage vault behind that hidden door there, where many of the priceless hoard of artworks amongst the Golden Foundation's holdings are housed. The specially treated walls designed to resist both heat and explosive force, as well as gamma radiation, shrapnel projectiles, weapons grade chemical agents, killer bees, Syracuse University basketball fans and eBola zombies. 

A closeup look at a Larry Poons painting in the vault boasting about 40 pounds of acrylic medium. Whatever apocalypse befalls the face of the planet, the contents of this room will survive for future generations to learn from & grow a new culture. My intention had been to live on a space station until that happens but Utica has been working out pretty good so far.

Striking a pose with my main man on campus Christopher Farrell, Goldens' resident Creative Disruptor and our tour guide for the visit.

Over at the AIR barn now with the Golden Foundation's own Emma Golden and artist Catherine Wright.

Foxy Ladies  ;>

A beaming Marie-Dolma Chophel with the tremendous large canvas she explored during her residency at the AIR barn. What a place!

Marie-Dolma Chophel, who amusingly had not yet attributed a title to this. I overheard two people asking and made a point to repeat the question, my how we all laughed.

Marie-Dolma Chophel

Marie-Dolma Chophel, and worth a look at full sized. I believe the blob-forms are the Golden's High-Flow acrylics mixed with assorted gels & mediums.

Marie-Dolma Chophel; one of the things her work reminded me of was wire frame 3d "skinning" from my game design years, fitting textures to model forms which take on the appearance of solid objects within a game engine's virtual environment. And indeed she confirmed that the grid patterns on her drawings are computer generated and transferred to the painting surfaces either by direct printing as above, then by plotting them out by hand for larger canvas surfaces, and I believe now via Golden's Digital Grounds process.

Marie-Dolma Chophel

Marie-Dolma Chophel

Marie-Dolma Chophel

Marie-Dolma Chophel

Time for the Horrors of the Zombie Mill again! A Halloween "selfie" tradition where we abandon trying to look cool & assume a facial expression indicating some ironic but mundane horror we've all experienced. 

This picture illustrating:

Gorgeous Eugenia Pardue with her cast iron fence dried flexi acrylic goo assemblages. Yes I like going to these, will never miss a session as long as its within driving distance. Looking forward to visiting with her again at the residency exhibit at the SAG Gallery in April  ;]

Eugenia Pardue

Eugenia Pardue, and my favorite of her pieces on display. Looks like the fencework around a cemetery from a Hammer Films horror movie with Count Dracula.

Eugenia Pardue, and my first reaction upon seeing this marvel was to remark "Good luck getting that up on a wall."

Eugenia demonstrating how she planned to roll this one up to take on the subway for her next show, where it will be very easily shown on a wall as it's all lightweight dried flexible acrylic ropes formed into the iron fence forms which also reminded me of cake decorations. She even gave me a few samples to take home & think about, earning my eternal devotion. 

A very interesting film could be made exploring the idea of artists transporting their work on subways, had a few interesting adventures doing so too.

Eugenia Pardue

Eugenia Pardue


Eugenia Pardue

Eugenia Pardue

OK, now that's adorable ;]

This image depicting the horror of:


A radiant Lori Larusso with her hypnotic cherry samples paintings, derived from her work as a confectionist at a Trader Joe's.

Lori Larusso

Lori Larusso, and just about the gosh darned sharpest painting I've seen there yet. There's also a push-pull dynamic going on with her use of perspective that is downright hallucinogenic in nature.

Lori Larusso

Lori Larusso

keety keety  ;D

Lori Larusso; psychedelic desserts! Toss that eight ball & just buy one of her paintings. You'll be dizzy all afternoon.

... I want this.

And lastly, the unforgettable horror known as

With the legendary "Wonderland #32" from December 2012, on loan and for sale to benefit the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts.

With Bill! who confirmed that he does indeed run the entire plant (except bottling) from a small room filled with big handled switches like in a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Brought us more Sweet Tarts and chocolate squares then went off to fix the blue mixer before they ran out of cerulean blue.

Horror depicted:

Artist Eugenia Pardue explaining the residency barn's new installation work, which is a collaboration between Chris Burden and Bruce Nauman called "Smash". Nauman constructed a giant pneumatic sling-shot in the form of those old Wrist Rockets they used to sell at Marjax out on the back lawn and during a time based event (which I was sadly absent for) Burden was propelled bodily by its projectile force to collide with the window while wearing a giant Nerf suit and ping pong ball helmet. Chris is fine but I wish I'd gotten to see the sling-shot before it was dismantled. 

The bits of shattered glass will be auctioned off at a holiday fundraiser to benefit a group home for wayward encaustics painters somewhere in the Adirondacks, look for blog coverage of that soon!

Glowing that Golden afternoon glow with Barb & Emma G.! And no more horrors depicted here for this session, these ladies rule.

... Oooooo. ArtCat hotness. And you know, I could do this all day.

Next up! An October Halloween zombie painting show at nearby Hamilton Center for the Arts, opening reception Friday October 17 starting at 6pm. Bring it!

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