Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diwali "Festival of Lights" (With Steve Nyland Zombie Paintings!) @ Hamilton Center for the Arts, October 25 2014

Hamilton Center for the Arts
19 Lebanon St. Hamilton NY

My three Goddesses for the Diwali ceremony! and needless to say yet another highly enjoyable art adventure ... Mom loves seeing stuff like this, had em pose it up  ;D  Thank you, Ladies!

Encountering their first blue hair ...

With my zombies. I'd had a swell reception the week before but knowing there would be dancing girls, well ... Had to go see!

Yeah ...

Catherine Wright with our performer!

There's a keeper!

Ohhh my ....

With Hamilton Center for the Arts director Kathy Herold! Always fun working with her and this really was a great scene.

What a babe  <3

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