Monday, October 20, 2014

Catherine Wright "Tough Love" Tour @ Hamilton College, Clinton NY October 19 2014

The venue, on the right.

Lunch on the go, with Catherine, stage assistant Ruby and sound board master Silas.

Tech run-through at 4:30 with Hamilton College staff member Bill at left. Pix below are a mixture of shots taken during rehearsal and the live performance, during which my focus was on shooting video. We had three static cameras and I prowled the stage wings with two others to try and get a possible five angles to edit them into a seamless take of the whole show.

Walk-in meditation section. The evening was very tightly choreographed with every minute and nuance of light/sound taken into consideration. Having performed the show dozens of times previously Catherine knew exactly what she wanted and had implemented some changes specifically for this engagement. Most importantly extended dance sections as the venue was a Hamilton College dance studio.

Q&A after with some of the Hamilton College students who'd sat so adorably on the floor. We all had pangs of nostalgia for our days in higher education! Oh, we had so much fun.


With stage assistant Ruby! who is actually a graphics design major at Pratt, where Catherine teaches yoga.

With technical director Bill! who clued me in on what web pages to look over for jobs at Hamilton College, something I intend to look into next week after another trip to Hamilton Center for the Arts for Colgate's checkbook weekend. I mean parent's weekend.

With sound board master Silas! a former theater major who realized the real fun was in running the technical equipment. "You still get to go to the party after."

With Catherine's mom!   ;]  Has yet to miss one of Cat's performances since I started hanging around, and I love the color contrasts in this picture.


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