Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Open House @ the Kevin & Karen Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts, Hamilton College Clinton NY October 11 2014

Following the reception for Alyson Shotz' exhibit at the Wellin Museum of Art last week I wandered across the road to see what there was to see at the brand new Kennedy Center for Theater & Studio Arts on the Hamilton College campus. My report is that I will be going to Hamilton College again sometime next week and applying for a job. It may need to be entry level janitorial for starters but I want to work here while I live in Utica. End of preamble.

A flyer for Catherine Wright's performance this Sunday October 19th at Hamilton College

Sculpture lab. Do they need a tech?

Upcoming visiting artistes, and that's Laurie Anderson as in the Laurie Anderson - Laurie Anderson scheduled for April.

Here we go.

With artist Jon Bella! will fill in information on what this project was about. But that guy's either nuts or a genius, and definitely an artist.

I want this.

Drawing lab.

Painting lab, and I loved that choice of subject matter.

Not bad at all!



The Critiquing Space. Are we allowed to critique artwork anymore? Or is it all participation ribbons now. I went through some crits which were dag-NASTY showdowns of egos. They were the best! Or most memorable, and yes we actually critiqued each others work too.

Fabulous little painting! #7 on the list below.

A Tony Thompson mailbox on the way home. Had to stop.

Tony Thompson

Utica, NY

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