Sunday, June 22, 2014

Catherine Wright: Tough Love Premiere @ Bevard Studios, The OnCenter, Syracuse NY June 21 2014

The Summer Solstice for 2014 saw the premiere date of sister-artist Catherine Wright's one woman multimedia performance experience "Tough Love" here in Syracuse and it was indeed a total expressive freakout of music, sound, dance, storytelling, ukelele interludes and a wealth of expressive content running the full gamut of human emotions. I first encountered Catherine during the spring of 2013 when amassing talent for the all-women artist "Thirteen Directions" exhibit where she pretty much stole the reception with a mind boggling performance which managed to locate the soul of primal female expression in the heart of Syracuse's downtown.

Stoked by the welcome she'd received and in search of her own lost chord, Catherine traveled to Hawaii during the 2013-2014 winter and had an epiphone of sorts amidst the trappings of Hawaiian culture, the glorious natural marvel of the islands, and (unless my decoding instincts are incorrect) some emotional turmoil which eventually bubbled over & exploded like a volcano dome. The result was "Tough Love", an hourlong presentation which she had choreographed right down to pressing switches on her audio mixer. While impossible to re-create the experience of witnessing it via visual documentation, here is some of what we saw.

Poster design by Utica scene artist Kyle Riecker.

Artist/musician Andrew Gunter, who created t-shirts which attendees were presented with at the end of the evening as mementos of the event.

Musician Dan Salamone, who contributed to the music score & was onhand to manipulate the lighting elements + video projection.

Back outside to the live art segment -- They did not stop painting for one minute during the whole evening and were still at it when I departed just before 11pm.

Artists Fletcher Crangle and Kathryn Petrillo.

Catherine with artist Megan Milligan, who designed the evening's incredible costumes.

Catherine and Seth! one of the musicians who contributed to the pulsating music score which defined the performance. Seen him around somewhere, trying to place it ...

After show dance party, with music by Utica scene DJ PhunGeye Ohm.


After ten minutes on the dance floor with artist/illustrator Beth Post.

With Rome NY Capitol Theater exec Kate Castle!

With artiste & costume designer Megan Milligan.


With musician Dan Salamone.

Myesh  <3

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