Saturday, June 14, 2014

The 2014 80s Art Party @ Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse NY

Friday saw a return to the Syracuse University student directed Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse, which is essentially a former storefront converted for use as an art gallery which pretty much anyone can rent out for a short term art exhibit with promotional reception. I had the good fortune to find myself invited to take part in an exhibit there in February which was a highly positive experience and will be making a point to stop by whenever there's something going on.

This month it was my former Versus group compadre Isaac Bidwell who had organized a printmaking-heavy exhibit of 80s themed work. Booked a DJ, got a bunch of beer & ordered some food, promoted it via social media and pretty much packed the place with Syracuse art-sceners of all variety. Here's some of what I witnessed.

DJ Jeff Watkins with his selection of 80s pop/rock/funk, fondly remembered as one of the voices of reason at Shoppingtown Mall in Dewitt NY where he runs the stupendous Cloud City Comics & Toys.

Marjorie Countryman

Len H. Nicholas

Jamie Santos

Karen Greenfield, whose paintings from the February show I was part of at Spark caught my attention big time.

Karen Greenfield

Jamie Santos

Cayetano Valenzuela

Cayetano Valenzuela, and my bid for Best of Show.

Cayetano Valenzuela


Isaac Bidwell, with arm by God.

Isaac Bidwell

John M. Paone

John M. Paone, with The One.

That's better!

Isaac Bidwell

Isaac Bidwell

With the downtown chewing gum bums out front, including artists Cayetano Valenzuela and event organizer Isaac Bidwell.

Sexadellic! with artiste Karen Greenfield  ;D

Looking for UFOs with artist/musician Andrew Gunter.

Andrew doing his part to promote next week's evening of performance art with Catherine Wright's "Tough Love" show at the OnCenter in Syracuse, where he and painter Fletch Crangle will be doing a performance during an interlude.

June 21st, you don't want to miss it. 

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