Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lauren Chipeur @ Sculpture Space, Inc. Residency Program, Utica NY May 2014

Sculpture Space Inc.
12 Gates St.
Utica NY 13502

I make a point to stop by Sculpture Space in Utica whenever possible to see what good ideas may be present on a given month. Managed to find a few minutes after our Project-U group meeting on May 28th, and it is with concern which I note that Sculpture Space has since suffered the results of a fire. Artwork was lost, damage done to the facility just by the fire hoses and they are currently rebuilding like a Phoenix from the ashes. Hoping to stop by next week in preparation for moving to Utica to see how they are doing, but this is what I saw on the 28th.

I believe this incredible paper creation was by Jarrod Beck, awaiting confirmation and dearly hoping it was not amongst the losses as I gasped aloud when encountering it. The thing is absolutely incredible. 

All of the works shown here were part of an Open Studios exhibit from May 22, which was the date of the most recent BC Restaurant reception. Will be in Utica fulltime starting in August and looking forward to catching up on my Sculpture Space events.

Canadian born artist Lauren Chipeur in her studio space from the prior monthlong residency. Lauren had been part of the "Bring Your Own Pedestal" event at Upstate Flux the previous week where she served bowls of fresh borscht in exchange for a piece of trash. And from what I understood spent her time at Sculpture Space collecting trash from the streets of Utica and using the forms as the basis for foam castings, direct re-workings of the materials themselves, or the just bits without modification for their own aesthetic resonance. We only had a few minutes to visit before my return drive to Syracuse but here is some of what I saw.

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren Chipeur, and I believe it is paper that she waxed to create the forms. 
It works.

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren Chipeur's cabinet of curiosities. I love the milk jug! and the six pack tabs. And the busted up cell phone. 

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren Chipeur

Lauren's compadre working with some materials that the Golden Foundation had donated to Sculpture Space during their open studios in May. I like that unity between arts foundations!

Petrie dishes, was my reaction. And I believe they were a concoction of the Golden's acrylics with the casting compound Lauren was using on her empty cig boxes etc.

... Speaking of which, got a light??

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